Trump: Europe's Debt Deal Could Be Good for U.S.

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NEIL CAVUTO, HOST OF "YOUR WORLD": Anyway, after le bailout, le kiss-out. French President Nicolas Sarkozy calling the Chinese’s Hu Jintao to help this deal, more reason Donald Trump it is time to forget this deal.

Trump Organization CEO and TV star, off and on, who knows, presidential candidate Donald Trump joining us now.

Donald, good to have you.


CAVUTO: What do you make of, now, the French, and the Europeans in general cozying up to the Chinese?

TRUMP: Well, it’s cozying up to everybody. They cozied up to the Germans and I frankly as far as that’s concerned, I am very happy about it. I am glad they worked out a deal. I don’t know how long-lasting it’s going to be. I think at some point the Germans will get a little bit tired of taking care of the Greek problems. But right now it’s good for us and whatever’s good for us, I’m happy about.

CAVUTO: But the argument we heard from a couple of guests here, Don, is it really good for us or is it just kicking the can down the road? They have made these kinds of promises before and have not stuck to them. Of course, it really depends on Greece going along and that is no guarantee.

The Germans then and the French all agreeing to the percentage payouts that have to go behind this. You know, it’s not done.

TRUMP: I think it is very hard for the Germans to really do this and to take this, but they seem to be and they want to keep the Euro. Don’t forget the Euro was established in order to take advantage of the United States, and in order to hurt us.

CAVUTO: That’s right. That’s right.

TRUMP: So all these countries get together and they thought this would be a power play against the United States. Now, maybe it’s a power play against others like maybe the Chinese, but they really did this not for our benefit, so, when I watch what’s happening it’s sort of interesting.

And some of the countries -- like, as an example, I watched England where the prime minister was saying, how lucky they were that they didn’t get into that mess. It’s true. They gave up their currencies. They went into the euro. And if Greece had its own currency, it probably could have been worked its way out a lot better than this. It’s a very interesting situation to watch, but it was not done for our advantage.

CAVUTO: That’s very clear. I guess now the role of the Chinese, a few weeks ago, their finance minister was sort of shopping around Italy and looking at looking at some of the properties that might -- or government quasi-private ventures that might be available for investment, now this alleged conversation with Nicolas Sarkozy and Jintao to try to entice more Chinese financing behind this. Is that worrisome to you?

TRUMP: Well, they’ve plenty of money thanks to us and our stupid policies and our terrible negotiators, so China is sitting there with trillions and trillions of dollars.

It’s peanuts for them, as you know, its peanuts. It’s irrelevant to them. And they are doing it to try and get into the European situation and obviously do what they are doing to us, to Europe, and they will probably be successful. Very smart, very good negotiators. They have their smartest people negotiating and we don’t. It’s a big difference.

CAVUTO: When you don’t have money, beggars can’t be choosers, can they? And maybe the Chinese read that, and figure we played this game with the United States. We will try it with Europe now, because while Germany and a couple members might be a little better off than some of the others, collectively, they need us a lot more than we need them. What do you make of that?

TRUMP: Well, if you think about, they really are. As just I am saying I am thinking to myself they really are doing exactly what they did to us. They bought our debt.

They do all of these different things. And then you have Obama treating them so nicely because he is afraid not to. And it’s very interesting. Now they are trying to do the same thing to the Euro.

And they’re trying to help out. And aren’t they nice people? They’re such wonderful people. They want to help out. Well, let’s what happens. But I would say that if I were a German person working hard doing a good job and I’m bailing out the Greeks, I wouldn’t be too thrilled. I wonder how long that lasts.

CAVUTO: Well, already Merkel’s popularity ratings have suffered as a result.

TRUMP: I can understand that.

CAVUTO: Real quickly, you’ve been featured with all the top Republican presidential candidates. They all want their moment with you, preferably, if they can, a picture with you. Have you decided on any one of them?

TRUMP: Not yet. And I’m deciding. I will decide. I’ll be deciding before the primary.

But they have all come to Trump Tower, and they have come numerous times, and we will make a decision. I represent millions and millions of people, Neil, that want to see this country stop getting ripped off by everybody.

CAVUTO: When will you make your decision?

TRUMP: Some time prior to the primaries.

CAVUTO: That’s weeks away.

TRUMP: And you’ll be really the first to know, I think. Why not, right?

CAVUTO: What’s up with "I think"?


CAVUTO: Don’t say, "I think."

TRUMP: I think. I almost know.

CAVUTO: All right, Donald Trump, good seeing you again.

TRUMP: Thank you very much.

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