Tea Party Sponsoring Rally for Gibson Guitar

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ERIC BOLLING, GUEST HOST: In the meantime, after the raid, the rally. Tea Partiers planning to rally in support of Gibson Guitar on Saturday.

The group says the legendary guitar maker is a victim of the -- quote -- "extraordinary abuse of power by federal agents."

Gibson CEO Henry Juszkiewicz joins me now.

Henry, before we get to the rally, tell -- just refresh our audience. What exactly was the investigation all about when they raided you?

HENRY JUSZKIEWICZ, CEO, GIBSON GUITAR CORP.: Well, we have been raided twice.

And the first time, it was about wood from Madagascar, guitar fingerboards specifically. The second time, it was guitar fingerboards from India.

BOLLING: Now, what are they saying? They’re because you are importing this -- I guess it is wood from trees that are endangered. I’m not really sure what the problem is. So what is wrong with importing Madagascar wood?

JUSZKIEWICZ: The issue is a law called the Lacey Act, which says that you cannot -- basically can’t break the law of a country you source from.

And so the government’s position has been that the wood that we bought was illegal in the law, by law, in India and by law in Madagascar.

BOLLING: And now you contend that the reason why you were raided is because you are a non-union shop?

JUSZKIEWICZ: Well, we don’t know why we were -- we have done everything legally. And we have affidavits from both the Indian government and the Madagascar government that the export and the wood we bought was perfectly legal.

BOLLING: OK. Are there other guitar companies, union or not, importing this wood?

JUSZKIEWICZ: Yes. I would say virtually every guitar company uses rosewood fingerboards from India and ebony, and most guitar companies have purchased from Madagascar.

BOLLING: Are they being raided?

JUSZKIEWICZ: They are not being raided.

BOLLING: Are they union?

JUSZKIEWICZ: In some cases, yes, in some cases, no.


Tell us about the Tea Party now. The Tea Party wants to rally in support of your company. Are you going to attend, sir?

JUSZKIEWICZ: I am definitely -- yes. And they have asked me to actually play guitar. So, I will be there.

BOLLING: And what do they want did do? What do you want to talk about? What do you want people to know tomorrow morning or afternoon in Nashville?

JUSZKIEWICZ: Well, we just want to throw light on this totally unfair situation, where our company, Gibson Guitar, is being selectively persecuted.

And -- and we hope to raise public awareness. And, hopefully, that public awareness and support will translate into legislative action.

BOLLING: All right, great, sir. Thank you very much.

Henry Juszkiewicz, CEO of Gibson Guitar, thank you, sir.

JUSZKIEWICZ: Thank you very much. Thank you for having me.

BOLLING: All right.

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