Sue Lowden on Tuesday Primary Fight to Face Senate Majority Leader in November Election

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NEIL CAVUTO, ANCHOR: It's probably the most scrutinized race in the country, the race to defeat Harry. It is the one everyone will be watching after tomorrow's big primary elections in four key states.

GOP candidate Sue Lowden is polling well ahead of Nevada's Democratic Senator and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.

But, first, she's in the battle of her political life with a Tea Party-backed candidate.

By the way, we invited Senator Harry Reid to come on this show. We have as yet to hear from him. But Sue is talking to us.

Very good to have you.


CAVUTO: So, the hurdle is getting by this primary. And, obviously, Harry Reid and his folks are doing their best to make sure you don't, because you poll very well against him. He polls a little bit better with your opponent, right?

LOWDEN: He has brought in hundreds of thousands of dollars of SEIU money.

CAVUTO: Service union money.

LOWDEN: The elevator operators of Eastern Massachusetts, the bricklayers of — the international brotherhood of everybody is in the middle of our Republican primary against me.

And why Harry Reid would be so interested in making sure that I don't get out of this primary is because I am leading, and he knows it, double-digits ahead of him in every poll.

CAVUTO: So, Sharron Angle, who is against you, she is the Tea Party candidate, for want of a better description? How would you...

LOWDEN: Well, I would say that I have also had very nice things said about me by the Tea Party.

I went to Searchlight. I was part of the Tea Party many, many times. When Scott Brown was in a close race, I opened my offices for the Tea Party to come in and to make phone calls, so I feel as though I'm a little bit a part of Scott Brown's success.

By the way, the same group that targeted Scott Brown is targeting me in our Republican primary. So, I wear that as a badge of honor.

CAVUTO: So, are you worried that whether the Tea Party is endorsing your opponent or you or whatever, that it's going to actually feed on Republicans; in other words, it's going to set this sort of self-killing mechanism in the Grand Old Party?

LOWDEN: No, I don't think so.

I think what the Tea Party has done has been positive for the candidate they have chosen. And, by the way, there's lots of different Tea Parties. This was a Tea Party, a national group. This wasn't the Tea Party of Nevada. It's complicated.

Nevertheless, as long as they're being positive and they want to say nice things about their candidate, that's OK. They're going to endorse whoever comes out of this primary. They have made...

CAVUTO: They will? They have said...

LOWDEN: Absolutely. Absolutely.

CAVUTO: ...that if you win...

LOWDEN: They have said that.

CAVUTO: Conversely, if she wins, you would endorse her?

LOWDEN: Absolutely.

CAVUTO: So, there's no running to a third party?

LOWDEN: No, no. This is not Florida. This is Nevada.


CAVUTO: OK. It's just as hot. It's a dry heat, but it's hot.



CAVUTO: All right, so, where do you see, ultimately, Harry Reid going in November? He's gone, part of the whole Washington power base gone?

LOWDEN: I think so. He has a house in Searchlight. It's a very famous place right now, because we had the big Tea Party there.


LOWDEN: I don't know that he will go back to Searchlight. I don't know that he will ever come back to Nevada. He might join Tom Daschle and all the others who stay in Washington who have become lobbyists or whatever they're going to become.

CAVUTO: All right. We will watch it very, very closely. Thank you very, very much.

LOWDEN: Thank you, Neil.

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