Some Companies are Playing Their Own Version of 'The Biggest Loser' to Encourage Dropping Pounds

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NEIL CAVUTO, HOST: Now to a boss who wants her employees to be the biggest losers, literally, throwing in iPods, spa treatments, and even cash to get them to use lose weight.

Andrea Correale is the president of Elegant Affairs. It's a catering business right here in New York.

Good to have you, Andrea.


CAVUTO: So, what are you telling your workers? Thin down? Shape up? What?

CORREALE: Well, these are for all of the full-time employees of Elegant Affairs. During the holiday season, because we're in the food business, it's even tougher for us to keep off the pounds. So, I decided to start an incentive program for all of the employees at Elegant Affairs. And I hired a wellness coach to come in. She weighs us every week, not just body fat.

CAVUTO: Weighs every week?

CORREALE: Weighs everyone every week.

CAVUTO: Oh, man.

CORREALE: But not just body fat.

CAVUTO: Boy, that would be a sick day for me.

But go ahead.

CORREALE: It is not just body fat. It is hydration levels. It is muscle to body mass.

And she speaks for about 15, 20 minutes. Her name is Dr. Shay. And she speaks about...

CAVUTO: Is she thin and fit?

CORREALE: Oh, she is beautiful.

CAVUTO: Really?


CAVUTO: Are all your people beautiful?

CORREALE: Every one of us.

CAVUTO: All right. So, you don't hire ugly people?

CORREALE: I hire -- everyone is beautiful.

CAVUTO: OK. Well, all right.

A fat person shows up and says, Andrea, I want to work for you, they're not going to hired, are they?

CORREALE: You are putting me on the spot. I don't -- if they're qualified, they might get hired.

CAVUTO: Yes. But, as soon as they're hired, you're going to tell them, lose weight, right? Listen to Dr. Shay.

CORREALE: No, it is not about that.

CAVUTO: She's going to thin you down.

CORREALE: It is not about that.

CAVUTO: But, in your business, obviously, image is important, right?

CORREALE: Image is important.

CAVUTO: So, if you have a catering event, and all your caterers are going out there, they have got to look good, right?


CORREALE: They have to look -- right, this is true.

CAVUTO: So, image is important.

CORREALE: Image is important.

However, this particular marathon has nothing to do with image. It is really about inside, making people feel good, giving-the-gift-that-keeps-on-giving kind of thing.

CAVUTO: Yes, but this isn't really about them feeling good on the inside, right?

CORREALE: It absolutely is.

CAVUTO: No. You -- in your business, it's actually important for the people to look good, because, if you have got a Chris Farley type handing out stuffed mushrooms, that's not going to cut it.

CORREALE: This is -- it's more about health...

CAVUTO: Really?

CORREALE: ...than losing weight, yes.

CAVUTO: Well, what are some of the hors d'oeuvres you hand out?

CORREALE: On -- in our parties?

CAVUTO: Yes, in your business, yes.

CORREALE: Well, the healthier ones or the non-healthier ones?

CAVUTO: Non-healthy.

CORREALE: Oh, God, little truffle mac-and-cheese bites.

CAVUTO: Hello?


CAVUTO: Not exactly low in calories.

CORREALE: No, but we also have an organic line. So, there's a nice mixture. I think losing weight, it's about balance.

CAVUTO: So, you mix it up?



CAVUTO: So wouldn't it be tough if your people are -- you know -- let's say they were to serve chicken wings and pigs in a blanket -- your place doesn't strike me as that kind of a place, but...


CAVUTO: But if they're popping these while they're -- they're there, you're going to fire them, right?

CORREALE: Well, that is what Dr. Shay is talking to us about. It is all about balance. You can eat those things.

CAVUTO: This Dr. Shay sounds like a mystery figure.


CAVUTO: Really?

CORREALE: You will be hearing about her soon.

CAVUTO: Really?


CAVUTO: So, what does she do? What does she tell the people?

CORREALE: Well, she is a wellness coach. And she teaches us not only about what foods are right to eat...

CAVUTO: Right.

CORREALE: ...but also what is in the psyche, what makes you go for that bad comfort food, when you really want to have something nutritious.

CAVUTO: But you are not saying -- just to be clear, Andrea, you're not saying, we don't like fat people; we just prefer they be thin and fit, and maybe this is a step in that direction?

CORREALE: Right. But this is not about fat people. It's about being healthy.

CAVUTO: All right. But would you not send a fat person to a swanky event, would you? Tell the truth.

CORREALE: I absolutely would.

CAVUTO: Tell the truth. I'm looking at you.


CAVUTO: Looking, looking.

CORREALE: I'm looking at you.

CAVUTO: All right.


CAVUTO: Man, you would not hire me.


CAVUTO: All right.


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