Sheriff On The Whereabouts Of Missing Mother

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GRETA VAN SUSTEREN, HOST: And now to the desperate hunt underway to find Tara Lynn Grant. Where is she? Did the 34-year-old successful mother of two run away, or is this foul play? It's a case we've been following very closely. This much we do know, according to her husband, Tara was last seen getting into her car three weeks ago and then, who knows? Joining us with the new developments, Macomb County sheriff, Mark Hackel. Welcome, sheriff.

MARK HACKEL, MACOMB COUNTY SHERIFF: Thank you for having me.

VAN SUSTEREN: Sheriff, I take it since she disappeared three weeks ago, there's been no cell phone use, no ATM card use, no credit card use by this missing woman.

HACKEL: Yeah Greta, we've been checking on that on a daily basis, moment by moment, so there's actually been no contact with her through her employer. Obviously, her family members have not heard anything from her. We have had no contact with her. Nobody has any information where she's at and there has been absolutely nothing as far as a phone transaction, credit card transaction, and we've been keeping up on that from the moment we've been notified of her missing.

VAN SUSTEREN: All right, e-mails. What is this about e-mails?

HACKEL: Well, I think there was a series of e-mails that were sent to one of the local newspapers from a — I believe a former girlfriend. This is after this report had been made of her being missing and the e-mails were from the husband, Steven, to apparently a former girlfriend.

And apparently the e-mails took place about two weeks before the actual, I guess, reported missing of Tara Grant. And the e-mails, although they were very, you know, questionable and some of the things that were said in there were, you know, damaging to him, maybe his character, I guess publicly, for the most part, they really didn't do anything for us in helping us locate where Tara might be at this point in time.

VAN SUSTEREN: Is he cooperating in the investigation?

HACKEL: Well again, I guess it depends on who you ask. If you ask his attorney and him he'll say yes, but for the most part, the day after reporting this to us he had retained an attorney and implicated himself as being the suspect. He kept telling everybody that we said he was a suspect and that was absolutely not true, we never said that. So it was kind of concerning to us.

And again, the only communications we've been able to have with him has been through his attorney, through fax messaging to his attorney's office and that's a very cumbersome process, very difficult for us to relay information or get information to help us finds what he had asked to do on February 14 and that was locate his wife who was missing on February 9.

VAN SUSTEREN: All right, now, I know she was a successful businesswoman, went back and forth to Puerto Rico for a company. What does he do for a living?

HACKEL: I think his parents own a tool and die shop in Mount Clemmons, Michigan and apparently he works for them. So, what exactly he does with that organization, or company, I'm not — really not sure.


HACKEL: They have two children, yes.

VAN SUSTEREN: All right. Sheriff, well, we've put her picture up, in case anyone has spotted this woman or can help in any way at all. I'm sure that sheriff would love to hear from you. Sheriff Mark Hackel, thank you very much.

HACKEL: Thank you for covering the story.

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