Sexy Alternative to Superbowl Halftime Show

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NEIL CAVUTO, HOST: The party is called the Lingerie Bowl 2004. It's the halftime show everyone is talking about and maybe its sponsor is worried about?

Dodge is getting very nervous the pay-per-view event is going to be nothing more than a televised panty party. But its creator, Mitch Mortaza, is here to say it's much more than that. Mitch, thanks for coming.

MITCH MORTAZA, LINGERIE BOWL 2004 CREATOR: Thank you for having me.

CAVUTO: What is it, what is this?

MORTAZA: Well, it's a fun, sexy alternative to the Super Bowl halftime, which a lot of people have been bored with for many years. And we're hoping to keep the entertainment value -- entertainment level up to where it is during the game and not have that significant drop-off that you see every year.

CAVUTO: So you have what, women in lingerie, and we -- in a football game with each other, right?

MORTAZA: Absolutely. These girls are very athletic, believe it or not, that was part of the casting process. They have been actually in the classroom since June, taking tests and learning the terminology of the game. And, as of last week, we commenced with actually on-field practices with former NFL players and two Hall of Famers actually that are head coaches, Eric Dickerson and Lawrence Taylor.

CAVUTO: All right, now you are not under the impression that the men who might be watching this are interested in the results of that contest, are you?

MORTAZA: To be honest with you, to a degree I think I am. This will roll out to...

CAVUTO: Mitch, Mitch, come on, Mitch, please, you're talking to me. So you're saying that men are going to watch this for the contest and not maybe for what they are wearing or more to the point, not wearing?

MORTAZA: No, obviously on the surface it is pure entertainment value. But there is definitely a sports angle to this. In fact, from what I understand, there will be a line released on this very shortly.

CAVUTO: Really?

MORTAZA: So there is, believe it.

CAVUTO: So for $19.95, I'm watching this 20-minute game during the half-time of the Super Bowl, right?

MORTAZA: That's correct.

CAVUTO: What am I getting for that?

MORTAZA: Well, it's not just that. Now, we start with a one-and-a- half hour celebrity-studded red carpet pre-game show, we'll do vignettes on the girls, that will go up against the NFL pre-game, which you and I both know the content is stretched over six, seven hours, so...

CAVUTO: So what are the Chrysler folks getting antsy about?

MORTAZA: They're getting incredible product placement, brand integration...

CAVUTO: But they sound nervous to me. Are they backing out?

MORTAZA: No. We had a call as recent as before we left for the studio here, and they are absolutely on board, they are excited about the opportunity.

CAVUTO: You made some changes, though, to account for some of their anxiety, right? What did you do?

MORTAZA: Actually, to be honest with you, we have never made any changes. You know, the uniforms have been consistent from day one...

CAVUTO: What are their uniforms?

MORTAZA: The uniforms are boy shorts, with a supportive type sports bra. Some of the images that are out there, that's a practice photo, it will be a little more revealing than that.

CAVUTO: So bottom line, you were going to start with lingerie and you sort of scaled it down from that, right, because it was getting a little too weird for people, right?

MORTAZA: Right. No, you know, it has never been scaled. That is the whole point. The Dodge executives just wanted some further clarification.

CAVUTO: Wait, wait, wait, now, I want to be clear, Mitch, because I don't know what the true story is here. Did this start out with these guys going at it in lingerie? And then the Chrysler folks I heard said this is too freaky, we have got to clothe them a little more?

MORTAZA: You know, as much as we value all of our partners' inputs, we would never allow them to dictate our creative.

CAVUTO: But did you start with lingerie and now we're talking shorts?

MORTAZA: No. It was just a matter of semantics. We were running lace over boy shorts and calling them lingerie, so take it for what it's worth.

CAVUTO: All right. And no ugly woman need apply?

MORTAZA: I don't know about that, I don't know about that. You know, we're casting for next year, send a demo reel. And by the way, Neil, yes, we do have your box seat available for you.

CAVUTO: I bet you do. Mitch Mortaza, thank you very much. This is still on for the Super Bowl.

MORTAZA: I appreciate it.

CAVUTO: We shall see how it does.

MORTAZA: It is going to be incredible. Thanks, guys.

CAVUTO: Thank you.

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