Sen. Warner pushes admin to protect troops on ISIS hit list

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NEIL CAVUTO, HOST: OK, many of you know he was released 10 months ago, but Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl has in fact been charged with desertion, a charge that could keep him behind bars for potentially decades, if you include bad behavior and some of the other things that were brought up today.

To Virginia Democratic Senator Mark Warner on what he makes of this.

I know these are fast-moving developments, Senator, so I can understand you`re limited on what you can say. But do you think, if true, all of this should keep the sergeant behind bars for a good time, or no?

SEN. MARK WARNER, D - VA: You know, Neil, I saw the report the same as you did.

My understanding -- I`m not an expert on military justice, but my understanding is, this is the equivalent of bringing charges that now when you go to Article 32 are the equivalent of going before the grand jury.

But the accusations clearly are extraordinarily serious, and I would like to get some answers.

CAVUTO: If it is true in the end that he is a deserter, do you think it was worth the swap?

WARNER: All I remember is seeing Secretary Gates saying, we`re going to go after this soldier. We`re going to try to find him. Let`s let the military justice system play out.

There will be plenty of time to get -- make those judgments after we hear the facts.

CAVUTO: I only say that because there are lot of people now looking at the five Taliban members who we did release...


CAVUTO: ... and they could be on the verge of doing some pretty nasty stuff.

WARNER: My hope would be that Qatar would keep those folks under constraint.

CAVUTO: All right, at least three of them, they might not be kept under restraint.

But I want to switch gears.


CAVUTO: Because I know you`re focusing on these ISIS threats against 100 U.S. military personnel, and you have advocated we have got to do our best to protect them. What do you say?

WARNER: Yes, Neil.

Well, Neil, this is -- we know ISIS knows no bounds. We have all seen the barbarism. We all know they`re also savvy with using technology. And their goal is to terrorize. And by singling out these 100 military members and placing them on this so-called hit list -- I contacted the secretary of defense, because I wanted to make sure, one, there was somebody in charge and there was a coordinated response.

I have now got information that all 100 members have been contacted. Two, to make sure that members have the kinds of assurances and coordination between Homeland Security, FBI, local police, DOD.

And, three, at least we need to start the conversation about how much we ought be posting on some of our very public websites, oftentimes where a ship will post its crew members. Maybe we need to rethink some of these things.

CAVUTO: All right.

Now, but this opens a new area. Again, with obviously the best intentions -- these people didn`t ask for this...

WARNER: Right.

CAVUTO: ... oftentimes with family members, what have you, but that it would be a 100 here. It could be hundreds, thousands more in the future.

WARNER: Now, Neil, this is a brave new world.

We have all seen the benefits of being interconnected. But, as we have seen data breach security continue to expand, you have heard the concern I have had.

CAVUTO: Right.

WARNER: In the business world, every company has either been hacked by China or are about to -- they don`t know they have been hacked by China. Now we`re seeing computer theft go into actual terrorism against military personnel.

I mean, we`re in a brave new world. And there`s no playbook for this. And I hope we all take a moment and step back. And at least what I have heard from DOD is, there`s no protocol on this.

CAVUTO: Right.

WARNER: But they need to be sitting around and figuring it out. And we need to try to help.

CAVUTO: I think you raise very valid issues, Senator, very valid issues.

Mark Warner, thank you, sir.

WARNER: Thanks, Neil.

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