Sen. Jon Corzine, D-N.J.

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NEIL CAVUTO, HOST: Now to a senator on that Foreign Relations Committee and what he made of Powell's comments today, Democratic Senator Jon Corzine from New Jersey.

Senator, always good to have you.

SEN. JON CORZINE, D-N.J.: Good to be here, Neil.

CAVUTO: What did you make of Power's comments both today and yesterday?

CORZINE: Secretary Powell is both compelling and credible. He was today. He was yesterday. And I think his commitment - everyone is understanding his commitment to a multilateral approach as a first resort, but the need if necessary to use force as a last resort came through fully today. I think he made that case strongly yesterday that Iraq is in material breach. And we are five minutes to midnight as Hans Blix said several days before.

CAVUTO: So Senator, you argue that Iraq is indeed in material breach as things stand?

CORZINE: I think there's no question, and I think that Secretary Powell made a compelling case. And he is also a compelling advocate because I think he has demonstrated his commitment to the multilateral diplomatic approach. He's turned over every stone, in my view, to try to find a peaceful way to disarm Iraq, to bring about an inspection process that is credible to the world.

CAVUTO: So you're not in the camp that says this is all the more reason, I think, echoed by Senator Ted Kennedy, to give the inspectors more time and to hold off on any sort of a violent move.

CORZINE: I think we are running out of reason for patience here, particularly given the response that has come out of Iraq. I think it is clear that they take advantage of that last five minutes on the clock, and do what is necessary. Not just cooperate, but I think they have to reveal those seven moving vehicles, that.

CAVUTO: So bottom line, Senator, I apologize, but you disagree with Senator Kennedy's approach. And I would assume you're not on board on a second vote as well in the Senate?

CORZINE: I think there is no need for a second vote in the Senate.

CAVUTO: So be that as it may, are other Democratic colleagues telling you much the same?

CORZINE: I think that's the majority view of my colleagues, as a matter of fact, probably overwhelmingly so. I do think that many of my colleagues, as many on the other side of the aisle, believe we would be well served if Secretary Powell continues his diplomatic efforts to get a second vote at the United Nations. Not necessary, but desirable, so that we have a broadly-based shared responsibility in enforcing international law.

CAVUTO: You know, Senator, we did get a comment out of British Prime Minister Tony Blair who said that he sees no vetos if Iraq action comes to a second Security Council vote. What do you think he knows about the French or the Germans or the Russians or the Chinese that we don't?

CORZINE: I think, as has been fully reported and I think related both here at home and abroad, a compelling, credible case was laid out by Secretary Powell. I think that - been working very hard in a diplomatic context to bring together that international coalition. I think the administration should be congratulated for that. And I think we have moved to a position where the world community now is very much in general agreement that disarmament may have to be brought about by force.

CAVUTO: All right. Senator Jon Corzine, thank you very much, sir, appreciate it.

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