Rep. Jason Chaffetz hopes Mitt Romney runs again

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MEGYN KELLY, HOST: Developing tonight, with the potential 2016 White House field now taking shape, a new poll finds 59 percent of Republicans would like to see Governor Mitt Romney run again. His numbers are better than any of his potential opponents in fact. Now, some fellow Republicans are starting to attack the idea of another Romney run. Here's Texas Senator Ted Cruz.


SEN. TED CRUZ, R-TEXAS: We nominate another candidate in the mold of a Bob Dole or a John McCain or a Mitt Romney, all of whom are good, honorable, decent men.  But if we nominate another candidate in that mold, the same people who stayed home in '08 and '12 will stay home in 2016. And the Democrats will win again.


KELLY: Moments before we came to air I spoke with the now-chairman of the House Oversight Committee, Utah Congressman Jason Chaffetz.


The new chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee. Good-bye Darrell Issa, hello Jason Chaffetz. Great to see you tonight. So, let's start with this.


KELLY: Mitt Romney called you to discuss a possible presidential run.  What did he say?

CHAFFETZ: He wanted some advice and some perspective. I hope he does it. I think he offers something that others don't. He's going to have to change his tactics. I think over the next 120 days he's going to have to explain to people how things are going to be different because Republicans want to back a winner. We can't lose the White House again. And I think he's the right person at the right time. He's well vetted, he was right on the issues, he can raise the billion dollars that it's going to take. And I want to win. And so does Mitt.

KELLY: But he was well vetted and then rejected.

CHAFFETZ: Look, Mitt Romney's going to have to do something different in order to compel people and show that compassion that I see with inside of him. But he was prophetic on really foreign policy. And he was mocked by Barack Obama. I think the public has buyer's remorse. I think they know that Mitt was right and Barack Obama was wrong. And on jobs and the economy, which is still going to be at the top tier issue, there's nobody better than Mitt Romney.

KELLY: What specifically did he say to you in terms of how seriously he is considering running?

CHAFFETZ: Well, it was just after Christmas, it was just last week and he was saying, look, I'm really thinking about it. And that I think he really does want to become the president of the United States. It's tough to go through this. I thanked him for even considering it because the toll on the family is just absolutely unbelievable.

KELLY: They seem totally determined not to do this after 2012. I mean, Ann Romney looked shell shocked by what she'd gone through. Did he speak at all to the reversal mentally and emotionally?

CHAFFETZ: Well, I told him, I said, look, if Ann Romney's not going to run I would certainly back you because I think he would be the best person. I don't see anybody in the current field that's really stepping up to the mantle and doing those three things that I talked about, being well vetted, being right on the issues and being able to raise a billion dollars.

KELLY: What I hear you saying is the message will be different because Mitt Romney can now look back at the things he was saying in the 2012 campaign and say, I told you so.

CHAFFETZ: Yes. Look, he was right on the issues. You look at Russia, you look at the foreign policy aspect, you look at Barack Obama and who's promised everything under the sun in terms of jobs and the economy and prosperity. And now he's offering another $300-plus-billion tax increase. I mean, Mitt Romney has got to do a better job of talking about how we're going to create prosperity for all, get away from the class warfare that's out there. And how we're going to grow the economy and allow that. That basic entrepreneur, the person who's got that transmission shop in Lawrence, Kansas, how are they going to grow the economy? And Mitt is uniquely suited to do that.

KELLY: Going to be fun to cover. Congressman Jason Chaffetz, thank you so much for being here, sir.

CHAFFETZ: Thanks, Megyn.

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