Rep. Charlie Rangel discusses the latest ObamaCare delay

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NEIL CAVUTO, HOST: Well, why get worked up over another ObamaCare delay?

Look at this latest e-mail from the Democratic National Committee saying that ObamaCare is working

To New York Democratic Charlie Rangel, who agrees.

Congressman, good to have you.

REP. CHARLES RANGEL, D - NY: Good to be with you, Neil.

No matter how long it takes, I will wait for you any day.

CAVUTO: I appreciate that. And you`re always very patient.

What do you make of all these companies now, as I was raising with Carl Icahn, who are using this, he says, as an excuse for -- for what could be some lousy numbers, or that they have a legitimate gripe? What do you say?

RANGEL: What I say is that 96 percent of all corporations have less than 50 employees. Two percent have more than 100 employees.

So, what we are talking about are those people that have from 50 employees to 99 employees, 2 percent of the employment market. Now, if they have complained to the administration that they need more time before the mandate sets in, another year to make this transition, it would seem to me that all of the people that are concerned about providing health care, instead of finding fault, will come in and say, whatever we can do to help.

But, ultimately, the 40 million people that have access to no health care should be the primary goal, not to politicize everything that`s in the bill if it`s not perfect --


CAVUTO: Well, if you`re going to push things back or slide things back for businesses and all, a lot of folks come back and say, well, slide things back for me, delay the whole thing, push it all back.

RANGEL: Well, when I tell you that 96 percent of the employers are not even affected, what is there to push back? When I tell you that 2 percent are...


CAVUTO: Those millions of workers, those millions of workers being shuffled in and out of plans or onto exchanges or dumped all together, why not delay that for an additional year as well?

RANGEL: Because that`s no problem. The problem, obviously, is for those people that are in the middle.

CAVUTO: Well, apparently, Charlie, it`s a big problem. It`s big problem, because it`s not happening.

RANGEL: Well, we don`t hear the big problem.

The administration`s been working with the businesspeople, been working with the chambers of commerce. We`re going to go back on Thursday to try to work out other things. You know, when you don`t have a Republican majority, you have got to do everything possible that you can constitutionally. And that`s where the president is.

The Tea Party and the Republicans have said their job is to get rid of Obama.

CAVUTO: All right.

RANGEL: They couldn`t do it. They are not trying to work with him.

They even threatened not even to have the debt ceiling, which finally passed, because the Republicans say that, unless they can get all the Republicans on a bill, unconstitutionally, they are not bringing it to the floor.

CAVUTO: Well, therein lies the...

RANGEL: So, we`re not...


CAVUTO: Therein lies the rub. You could be right about that.

But I -- with everything truncated, Congressman, I regret to say goodbye. But to the point that you were mentioning on the debt ceiling, that vote is coming up.

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