Professor's 'F--k You, Republicans' E-Mail Sparks Uproar

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GRETA VAN SUSTEREN, FOX NEWS HOST: Whatever happened to healthy political debate? Things are getting nasty at the usually mild-mannered University of Iowa. Tonight, the college Republicans are not very happy. They received an e-mail from one of the school's professors telling them to back off. OK, it wasn't exactly "back off." The professor used the F-word to the students.

Joining us is Natalie Ginty, a university of Iowa student and chair of the Iowa Federation of Iowa Republicans. Natalie, nice to see you. Tell me what happened? What provoked the e-mail from the professor?

NATALIE GINTY, UNIVERSITY OF IOWA STUDENT: Monday, the university of Iowa college Republicans sent out an e-mail to the entire student body faculty and staff about our coming out week we were having. That afternoon we received in our e-mail from the Professor Lewin that wasn't too nice.

VAN SUSTEREN: Was it just one sentence with the F-word in it? Can you give us an idea what it was? You can skip the F-word but if give us an idea wait was said.

GINTY: All it was, was "F-you Republicans."

VAN SUSTEREN: Do you know her? Have you ever taken any source courses from her?

GINTY: No, I'm a biochemistry major, so politics don't come up that often.

VAN SUSTEREN: What happened? I assume after she sent that e-mail, I know there was some uproar. Explain what happened after that.

GINTY: That evening after we received the e-mail I sent an e-mail to two of her supervisors asking for a public apology and laying out the e- mail so they would see it. The next day we received two responses from Ellen. One was somewhat half-hearted apology, her telling us she is sorry she hurt our delicate sensibilities. And a second e-mail she was trying to justify herself. She went through our email and went through the things she didn't like about our coming out week. Saying it was our fault and we shouldn't have the e-mail in the first place.

VAN SUSTEREN: I saw the exchange of e-mails. I thought it was comical that she was critical of you or somebody referring to her as "Ellen," instead of as professor while she was comfortable firing off something that was profoundly more provocative.

GINTY: Yes. When we sent the email to her originally, I said he will -- e-mail to her originally, I said "Ellen." I did that intentionally, I didn't think she deserved that respect. When her job is to teach and have open political discourse and e-mails us "F-you Republicans," I didn't think she deserved that respect.

VAN SUSTEREN: You have filed a complaint against her?

GINTY: Yes, yesterday I brought in the complaint to the provost I haven't received word back about the complaint. They are supposed to file a formal investigation when a complaint is given. We'll see if anything occurs from there.

VAN SUSTEREN: Here's a crazy idea, call her up and go for a cup of coffee and see if it can't a quick conversation without blowing up further. Just an idea. Anyway, good luck.

GINTY: Thank you.