Obama's budget putting future of VA Choice Program in doubt

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NEIL CAVUTO, HOST: Well, from cutting illegals checks to cutting back care for our vets, if my next guest is right, the president is doing a 180 here and cutting back on the very program that both parties agreed on that would allow our veterans to get expedited medical care wherever they choose.

Kansas Republican Senator Jerry Moran is not calling for it, and not going to stand for it.

Senator, the administration argues that not enough people have been taking advantage of that program, so they`re just rejiggering funds. It`s not a matter of adding money or taking away money, but rejiggering funds.

What do you say?

SEN. JERRY MORAN, R - KS: Look, six months ago, the Congress finally came together and passed a piece of legislation. That doesn`t happen very often around here.

It was a moment of success, bipartisan effort, and we were responding to the scandal that was occurring across the country in which many, many veterans were falling through the cracks. We responded by giving veterans the option to have health care services provided at home, local doctor, local hospital.

CAVUTO: Right. Right.

MORAN: Then what we read in the president`s budget is that he is going to ask for the authority to transfer the dollars. There was $15 billion included to fund that emergency care. And who we`re taking care of are those who live more than 40 miles from a VA facility or those who can`t get service within 30 days.

The administration is asking for the authority to transfer those dollars to what it considers more critical needs within the VA.

CAVUTO: But I understand, Senator...


MORAN: And my point is, it`s only been six months.

CAVUTO: No, no, I understand. But they`re saying not enough vets have taken advantage of this or gone to these closer facilities. You`re saying it`s brand-new, give it time.


MORAN: Six months, but let me tell you what`s happened in the six months.


MORAN: Neil, the VA has failed in its ability to locate those veterans. Notices have gone out to veterans who don`t -- aren`t even living.

You can call the VA and say, I would like to have local services. I live more than 40 miles away from a facility. I can`t get the services within the time frame, the 30 days.

CAVUTO: Right.

MORAN: And the VA will say, well, you`re not on our list. We`re sorry. Click.

In addition to that, they`re saying that a VA facility is -- includes one within 40 miles of where you live, even though it doesn`t provide the service of what you need.

CAVUTO: I see.


CAVUTO: Well, it`s way too early to scrap the program or shift -- you`re right. You`re right. We`re going to watch it, Senator.

But we`re pressed for time. But I do appreciate you bringing this to our attention. But something doesn`t seem hunky-dory here.

But, Senator...

MORAN: The VA is going out of its way to make this program not work. Don`t take the dollars away. Make it work.

CAVUTO: All right, Senator, thank you very much.

MORAN: Thanks.

CAVUTO: The administration, again, says that`s not what`s going on here.

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