Obama leads with women voters

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Hi, I'm Juan Williams, in for Bill O'Reilly tonight. Thanks for watching us on this Good Friday and Passover.

Let's get right to our top story. President Obama is stepping up his attacks on Mitt Romney. His campaign released a new web video saying the GOP frontrunner is out of touch with reality. We'll show it to you in just a minute.

But first, a new Gallup poll says the President is doing well with Independent women voters in the 12 key swing states: 51 percent of Independents female voters in those states say they would vote for Obama; only 37 percent for Mitt Romney. That's a 14-point gap. That's huge. In December, the same poll showed Romney leading Obama in Independent women voters; 48 to 43.

The President continues to make his case as a warrior for women. Earlier today this is what he said.


OBAMA: And people say we should get rid of Planned Parenthood. They're not just talking about restricting a woman's ability to make her own health decisions they are talking about denying as a practical matter the preventative care, like mammograms that millions of women rely on.


WILLIAMS: As the poll indicates that kind of messages seems to be resonating with women, particularly young, Independent women. Conservatives like to point out that since the President took office, the unemployment rate for women has increased from seven percent to 8.1 percent, begging the question: are women really prospering under Obama's leadership?

Joining us now from Los Angeles to analyze, radio talk show host Tammy Bruce; and with us in studio, former president of the Women's Media Center Jehmu Greene. Both are Fox News contributors.

Jehmu Greene let me say what strikes me about this is if you look at it right now, President Obama has a huge 31 percentage points among women under 50. Young women clearly they're like running towards Obama at the moment and largely over this contraception issue.

But Jehmu, who is denying access to contraception to anybody? Isn't this a phony? Isn't this a -- I mean, you couldn't make anything up better than the Democrats have done to try to fool women.

JEHMU GREENE, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: Well, they are running towards Obama in the same way they are fleeing the GOP. The war on women, I will admit that is a message that Democrats have created and have been pushing. I have said it many times. But it is an over simplification which is one of the things President Obama said.


WILLIAMS: Well I'm just so glad you are telling the truth. This is a No Spin Zone and you get points for telling the truth. This is a made up phony war on women.

GREENE: The message. But that message is made up by the 1,100 bills in 2011 across the nation, state by state by state, 1,100 bills that went after Women's Reproductive Rights by the sexism that we've seen that Rush Limbaugh got involved in.

By the Health Care Act opponents who don't understand that women really appreciate the fact that they're no longer going to be able to be charged 150 percent more just because they had a C section or they've been the victim of domestic violence. Being a woman shouldn't be a pre-existing condition.

So, as this health care debate has gotten more into the details, that's why another reason they're fleeing the GOP.

WILLIAMS: Tammy Bruce, let me ask you about this because I think women do have access to contraception. Now here is the argument. The argument would be you have a blunt amendment in the Senate. Republicans saying anybody, not just the Catholic Church, has the right to remove contraception from their health care coverage.

You have a governor in Virginia, Bob O'Donnell who is talking about women having very intrusive procedures in order to determine whether or not they should have an abortion. Is that a good reason for women to have some fears about Republicans this time of year?

TAMMY BRUCE, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: Here's what the women should have a fear about which is government involvement in our lives. The conservative ideal is what's going to matter and does matter to women, which is that we have enough financial independence and freedom to make these choices for ourselves.

Right now the argument is and all the problems are these strangers, these bureaucrats and yes Obama is a stranger trying to make these decisions for us. What Romney is going to need to do is make it clear that you've got two choices. Are women are going to be treated like they are wards of the state and that the government is going to make decisions for them.

You know $10 a month for contraception. I mean give me a break. Are you -- are women going to be sold for that amount of money? Or the conservative message which is that women are smart, we -- they -- they can be independent. They should be independent, and that we need financial independence brought with a good economy and having a job that is the conservative ideal.

And also this, as you know the secret weapon that Romney has is Ann Romney. You know the Obamas are like the in-laws who when they want something from you they are nice to you. And once they get it, they return to treating you horribly and then spending all your money.

WILLIAMS: Now Tammy -- but Tammy, hold on, hold on but Tammy, a minute ago I think that you have the attitude, tell me if I'm wrong, that they are trying to convince women to ignore the economic message, that women should be preoccupied with their reproductive rights with their uterus but not with the bottom line for their families.


BRUCE: Well these are distractions. Look, look Jehmu and I both know.

WILLIAMS: Aren't you talking down to women? You're talking down to women.

BRUCE: No. Both -- both Jehmu and I know that for both the left and the right to distract women with reproductive rights has been going on for decades. We now are passed that. It's the 21st century. This is a message that Romney is going to have to move through with the Republicans that women are to be respected. That we want freedom and independence and I think that's the message.


WILLIAMS: It might be too late. Jehmu is it too late? I mean, you know what I think Tammy is on to something. There is an important economic message. But if the women believe that Romney and the Republicans want to push him back in the dark ages, who is going to listen to the economic message?


BRUCE: Which they don't believe.

GREENE: Well, you cannot say that it's Democrats who have been using reproductive messages as a distraction, especially when these bills across the country have been introduced by Republicans. Democrats cannot win without the women vote in the same way that Republicans can't win unless they get a large part of the Latino votes --


WILLIAMS: Nobody can. Nobody can -- this whole election comes down to independent women. I always say it's an independent woman who lives in the suburbs of Columbus, Ohio. And on that note, let me just show you an ad that the Obama team is now running on the Web responding to some of the charges made by Mitt Romney as he tries to win women back.


MITT ROMNEY (R), PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: He went around the world and apologized for America.

OBAMA: We will not apologize for our way of life.

ROMNEY: He has also failed to communicate that military options are on the table.

OBAMA: I will not have to take to use force when it is necessary to defend the United States and its interest.

ROMNEY: In his State of the Union Address he didn't even mention the debt or the deficits.

OBAMA: When it comes to the deficit, we've already agreed to more than $2 trillion in cut and savings -- debt deficit, deficit, deficit, deficit, debt. That's how we'll reduce our deficit.


WILLIAMS: Now, Jehmu, effective? Quickly?


GREENE: It is effective. And it's not just reproductive issues. At the end of the day, if you've been in a relationship, any man knows women have a unique ability, a sixth sense to see through BS. And what that message that Romney puts out there --


BRUCE: Yes, yes we do.

GREEN: -- which is on different issues it's a trust issue as well.


WILLIAMS: All right, Tammy I want to give you the last word here. Tammy was that ad effective?

BRUCE: What let me, let me -- what -- what Obama says and what he does are two different things. And we -- we do see through BS and this is going to be part of the fight in November. Yes Obama has got a woman problem, he's had it from the beginning, you can ask Hillary Clinton about that.

WILLIAMS: Wow, ladies. Getting rough.


Good playing with you two wonderful women but ladies, thank you.

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