You know, we got quite a few e-mails on Joe Piscopo. Some of you were shocked, even offended, that a comedian would entertain running for governor. I say: What's the big deal?

Why do we always select our elected officials from the same petri dish? Like only senators or governors can run for president. I say, why not CEOs, or teachers and yes, comedians?

Hey, the way I figure it, it's not as if the serious, super experienced politicos have done such a bang up job.

Remember when everyone was dumping on Arnold Schwarzenegger when he was running for California governor?

They said he didn't have the experience, didn't know the ropes and didn't know the right people. I argued at the time, look what happened with the guy who did have all the experience, did know the ropes, did have all the right Ivy League educated people? I'll tell you what happened: squat. That's what happened.

Arnie comes in and a budget gets done. And just Tuesday, the state's credit rating gets raised. Not bad.

Sometimes those from outside the system are the best ones for fixing the system.

Roger Ailes, the guy running FOX News Channel, had no hard news experience. But last time I checked, he managed to revolutionize the news experience. Competitors laughed at him then. I don't think they're laughing at him now. Unlikely people do that sort of thing, if given the chance.

We have nothing to lose going outside the petri dish. We have everything to lose staying in the petri dish.

We didn't do too badly when a former actor became president and destroyed communism, ending a Cold War. Or when a former backwoodsman deemed a country bumpkin did the same and united a country, after winning a Civil War.

So by comparison, a comedian running a state is hardly revolutionary. I come from New Jersey, and I hate to break it to you, but right now... it's reality. We're a joke and Joe ain't even in there!

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