Marine jailed in Mexico gets a surprise: An order from the US Marine Corps to report to training

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GRETA VAN SUSTEREN, FOX NEWS HOST: Andrew Tahmooressi's mother, just back home after visiting her son in that Mexican prison. And take a look at what she got in the mail last night, order from the Marine Corps for her son, Sergeant Tahmooressi, to report for training in June in the threat of punishment if he does not show up. Jill Tahmooressi joins us.

Good evening, Jill.

JILL TAHMOORESSI, MOTHER OF JAILED MARINE: Good evening, Greta, thank you.

VAN SUSTEREN: And so, I guess that you received -- he received these orders but you have gotten an email from the State Department, is that correct, to respond to that?

TAHMOORESSI: Yes, yes. I received. I opened up the mail last night and he had an order to muster duty on June 14th. And I was so worried because it said if he didn't show up he would possibly have a dishonorable separation, and lose his V.A. benefits. So, I did reach out to the U.S. Consulate Services in Tijuana, Mexico, and Mr. Whitcher intervened, and I did receive an e-mail back from Whitcher that said that his orders for mustard would be excused.

VAN SUSTEREN: All right. Well, that's good news. All right. Now, you and I were down in Mexico. We tried to see your son. Your son in fact wrote a letter to the warden, because they told us we could see him if he wrote a handwritten letter. He wrote a letter, which says, I Andrew Paul Tahmooressi, here by request as authorization for reporter Greta for Fox News, and her crew to be allowed in to the prison to conduct an interview regarding my case in Mexico. Your prompt attention will be deeply appreciated, because it's my understanding that they are currently outside the facility awaiting my permission as well as the prison's permission. Sincerely and despite that -- we didn't get a chance to get in because the prison stood in our way, right? Is that what -- I mean, what do you think about that?

TAHMOORESSI: Well, I know he is highly disappointed. I am able to hear from him. He collect calls me from the prison and he knew that you were outside waiting to come in and he was highly disappointed that he wasn't able to share with you and with the American public and with the Mexican citizens his fight for freedom and to explain exactly how he got lost at the border, and to tell the truth about that night.

VAN SUSTEREN: All right.

TAHMOORESSI: So he is very disappointed.

VAN SUSTEREN: One of the big issues is that the Mexican government doesn't think he was smuggling. They thought he had possession of guns. And so, naturally the issue is, whether he was in lawful possession of guns in their country they say no because he can't. But to the extent that he had lawful possession in United States. We have all these records of him -- of his three guns that he had, showing his purchase, with his name, with the registration number. So, those guns were lawfully possessed and owned in the United States, right?

TAHMOORESSI: Yes. Yes. Absolutely.

VAN SUSTEREN: And so, the only question is, you know, whether it was an accidental turn into Mexico or not, which we have already gone over. All right. Now, the Attorney General of Florida, Pam Bondi, says that she thinks that she is going to be able to attend the May 28th hearing in Mexico. Do you expect to attend that hearing?

TAHMOORESSI: I hadn't been invited by the attorney. I had asked if parents or the public were allowed in and I have not heard. So, I would love to be there. I just haven't received any permission or notice to attend.

VAN SUSTEREN: All right. Well, there are a lot of politicians that are working really hard. We had a Congressman Duncan Hunter just a second ago. You have the A.G. of Florida, Pam Bondi I spoke to her a short time ago. Senator Lindsey Graham has been on this. State Department is helping you. Jill, we just got to get the Mexican authorities just to simply look at the case, right?

TAHMOORESSI: Absolutely. Expedite the due process. Absolutely.

VAN SUSTEREN: Jill, thank you.

TAHMOORESSI: Thank you, Greta. Appreciate you still covering this story and Andrew's fight for freedom. Appreciate it.