Laura Ingraham vs. Jehmu Greene Over Planned Parenthood

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LAURA INGRAHAM, GUEST HOST: Continuing now with a "Factor" investigation which exposed serious violations at a Planned Parenthood abortion clinic in New Jersey. We invited Planned Parenthood on the program tonight, and they refused.

You should know Planned Parenthood receives $360 million every year from you, the American taxpayer.

And joining us now from New York is Jehmu Greene. She's a Fox News contributor who stands by Planned Parenthood. Now, Jehmu, let's talk about what happened here because the initial focus when Planned Parenthood was confronted with this was to kind of dismiss it as a "hoax" and kind of targeting what Lila Rose was doing and her group and this is all an agenda-driven thing. And now they came out with a statement saying essentially that what this clinic worker did in facilitating the activities of a child sex trafficker was repugnant. So, it can't be something that's repugnant if it's a hoax, right?

JEHMU GREENE, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: Well, Laura, I hope we can have as meaningful discussion as you and Lila just had, and I think we have to start off with the facts. Planned Parenthood has a zero tolerance policy when it comes to these types of actions. As we saw, they fired the employee who was included in that videotape. But that's not, I think, the bigger issue here.

As probably many of your girlfriends are aware and Lila's girlfriends are aware, Planned Parenthood is a valuable health care provider for millions of American women in this country across 820 health centers. I don't think it is fair to point to the actions of one employee who was swiftly fired when these allegations came up and compare that to the tens of thousands of Planned Parenthood employees that provide mammograms, that provide birth control advice.


GREENE: You know the average person who goes...

INGRAHAM: Why are you failing to mention what they do? Why do you start with mammograms and birth control when the money that they make is overwhelmingly from either the federal government, you and me, or from the abortion procedures? So, yes, they do all these other things, absolutely. They make all their money from abortion. If it weren't for abortion, they would not have what is almost a billion dollar a year budget, a third of which comes from the taxpayers.

GREENE: Laura, here is the reality: The average person who walks into a Planned Parenthood health care center is a young woman who does not have health insurance, and she needs birth control. And that's where so many of their services are focused. I can remember when I was in school, my friends who relied on Planned Parenthood centers as really their only source of health care. We can't deny that, that valuable role and that trusted relationship that they have with their communities, with their patients and with their families. And what Lila and her organization are doing, we have to call this what it is, they are trying to have the...

INGRAHAM: Investigative reporting.

GREENE: No. They're trying to have the biggest government intrusion ever into a woman's decision between her, her family and a doctor about a medical decision.

INGRAHAM: And the American taxpayer.

GREENE: That's their bottom line is to attack Planned Parenthood.

INGRAHAM: Why does the American taxpayer pay $360 million to Planned Parenthood when it makes hundreds of millions off the abortion procedure?

GREENE: Not one penny, Laura, not one penny of tax dollars goes to abortions. Now, I'm confused as to why a young woman who is so passionate, who is so, so passionate...

INGRAHAM: It's all in one pot.

GREENE: ...about people who are -- young women who are being sexually assaulted. If she was seriously going after women who were being sexually assaulted, then I think you and Lila would actually join a really important campaign right now where Congress has made it their third policy priority.

INGRAHAM: Do you think 14-year-old girls should be able to go into Planned Parenthood and get abortions?

GREENE: Congress right now is trying to redefine what rape is, and they would make it where rape is not -- actually, where statutory rape is not defined as rape.


GREENE: And that is something that I think, if you really care about young women being sexually assaulted, then join this campaign.

INGRAHAM: Filibustering doesn't make your point any more valid, Jehmu.

GREENE: Join the campaign where we're talking...

INGRAHAM: Doesn't make your point any more valid. You've had your say. You've had your say.


GREENE: redefine rape.

INGRAHAM: What other right enshrined in our Constitution should be rare?

GREENE: Laura, clearly you...

INGRAHAM: Obama says it could be safe, legal and rare. What other right in our Constitution should be rare?

GREENE: The right that I have to make a medical decision with my doctor and with my family is a right that women across this country will fight for and that Planned Parenthood fights for.

INGRAHAM: You can't name any other right in the Constitution that should be rare. That's fine. You can't name one.

GREENE: The last time Lila was here on "The O'Reilly Factor" and you all had a really substantive discussion about young women who were being sexually assaulted and seemed to really care about these women. Right now Congress is about to vote on redefining rape.

INGRAHAM: The segment is about Planned Parenthood.

GREENE: And make it where a victim of statutory rape is not considered a victim.

INGRAHAM: Do you agree or do you not agree, Jehmu? And no one is going to get anything out of this segment if one filibusters and won't let anyone talk.

GREENE: I hope what they get out of it, Laura...

INGRAHAM: The bottom line, Jehmu -- again, you're doing it...

GREENE: that these 820 health care centers...

INGRAHAM: Jehmu, if you want to talk, we'll talk. The bottom line is, without the abortion procedure, Planned Parenthood would not have a lion's share of its own budget.

GREENE: That's wrong.

INGRAHAM: It depends on keeping abortions going in the United States.

GREENE: You're absolutely wrong.

INGRAHAM: If they were truly rare, Planned Parenthood would probably be out of business in short order.

GREENE: You're absolutely wrong.

INGRAHAM: I appreciate it. All right.

GREENE: And if they were out of business, millions of women...

INGRAHAM: All right.

GREENE: ...would lose their health care, and that cannot happen.

INGRAHAM: Yes. Thirty percent of black babies being aborted in the United States. Thirty percent. New York City, those statistics were disturbing. Thirty percent of abortions, I should say, are black children.

GREENE: That's a talking point to try to make sure that the government intrudes upon my right to make a decision with my doctor about a medical decision.

INGRAHAM: Yes. That's been great for the Latino and black community.

GREENE: That's absolutely the wrong direction that women will stand up against.

INGRAHAM: I'd rather have those kids here, Jehmu. I'd rather have them here listening to the conversation that we're having. But that's just me. Jehmu, I appreciate it.

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