Kevin Rollins, President and COO of Dell

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NEIL CAVUTO, HOST: Computer powerhouse Dell out with some positive earnings news just a few minutes ago. Earning 23 cents a share in the latest quarter, just what the Street was expecting. The problem for investors though is momentum. If people are nervous about buying, what the Dell to do? Well, let's ask Dell President Kevin Rollins who joins us from Texas.

Mr. Rollins, good to have you.

KEVIN ROLLINS, PRES. & COO, DELL (DELL): Good to be here, Neil.

CAVUTO: Congratulations on these numbers. I guess what I have to ask is how you can keep putting them up in what everyone says is an iffy economy.

ROLLINS: Well, we are celebrating a little bit today at Dell, here in Round Rock with exceptionally good numbers both this quarter and then our guidance for the coming quarter, Neil.

CAVUTO: What is going on here? Because obviously, some of the others in your industry are having a tough time passing product along to consumers who are supposedly balking. But you're noticing a pick up and activity not just from the private consumer types but from the businesses as well. What's happening?

ROLLINS: We really are, Neil. We saw a record performance this quarter in almost every single statistical category. And it really is proving that the Dell direct model even in the tough times, which we're seeing in the marketplace, is very resilient, very strong, customers are still voting with Dell. And so our business is hitting record numbers in revenue, units and profitability during a tough market.

CAVUTO: Have you seen any reluctance on the part of businesses, though, for larger, grander purchases ahead of a potential Gulf War? I've talked to a lot of CEOs, CFOs who have echoed that kind of time.

ROLLINS: Well, I don't know that we're really seeing any of that yet. Certainly war is not a fun thing to anticipate, but through this past year, we have had a very tough market. A number of factors have made it difficult as a market. But we've been able to cut through that and still, with our superior value and product line-up, been able to keep moving ahead and reporting record numbers at Dell.

CAVUTO: Do you worry, though, about the consumer and this view out there that he or she feels that the compute that they own is sophisticated and souped up enough?

ROLLINS: Well, we don't worry too much about that. As we showed in the fourth quarter we grew about 38 percent year on year while the market down too. So what is clear is that we're still able to entice people and attract them with great value, and our computers are very high performing computers. So I think capability will always be in demand by consumers.

CAVUTO: Curious while I've got you here, Mr. Rollins, about the Dell dude and his arrest on possession of marijuana. What are you going to do with the guy?

ROLLINS: Well, I think it's very unfortunate what's happened to Ben there. We haven't used him in one of our ads for some time now. And it's probably going to be a very difficult thing for him to ever work with us again.

CAVUTO: Oh, really? So he's persona non grata now at Dell?

ROLLINS: Well, I'm not sure that we'll be using Ben again after this time. But we haven't used him for some time now anyway.

CAVUTO: All right. Thank you very much. Kevin Rollins. Good seeing you again, congratulations again. The president, COO of Dell.

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