Jealousy Is Ugly

So now we know when Vice President Dick Cheney travels, he has some basic requests of the places he stays. Among them, make sure they get FOX News.

Rival news organizations did not waste a nanosecond to pounce.

One CNN anchor snidely chortled, "Not surprising."

Another one said, "There's a shocker."

The major newspapers were all over it today.

I just wonder what would have happened if Dick Cheney's predecessor's preferences came public. Would they have gotten the same attention?

What if Al Gore had on his list: "TVs must be tuned to CNN?"

Would anyone mention it? Frankly, would anyone care?

Sometimes you can judge the character of a competitor by the pettiness of his comments.

These are petty.

They are demeaning to the vice president, whose travel preferences shouldn't be anyone's business. After all, nowhere did I see him demanding chilled caviar, at taxpayers' expense. And demeaning to other news organizations, whose attention should be focused on their business.

When I started here at FOX News almost a decade ago, most thought I had entered the witness protection program. Little did I know that 10 years later I'd still be witness to the over-the-top, slanted nonsense that makes for news on rival's programs.

The only difference in all that time? Ten years ago, no one talked about us. Today, they can't stop obsessing over us — or the millions watching us.

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