I Want My FBN

Well, you've heard once or twice about the FOX Business Network.

Many discovering just today what we had been keeping a pretty closely guarded secret.

Turns out, of course, that it wasn't a secret for those who've watched "Your World" or our "Cost of Freedom" business shows on FOX News Channel.

We value English. We value clarity. And you know something else? We value you.

That means not talking down to you or dismissing you or throwing big words or pointless market jargon at you.

My Dad used to say to me growing up, "Neil, stay humble. In your case, it will come in handy."

I think what he was saying is watch the arrogance.

We are. We do. We will.

Now many of you like that fresh approach.

For others, a lot of frustration that you can't see that approach... because you're not getting FBN. Your cable system isn't carrying it. And you're upset. And a lot of you are upset at me.

Oh, if I could control what cable systems run. But I can tell you this: Cable systems respond to their viewers. They respond to you.

Let them know, "We want fair and balanced business news. And we want it now."

Look, I know we've got an uphill battle on our hands. We're not in a ton of homes, don't have a ton of people. But man, we have a ton of heart.

So it might take a ton of time, but we'll get there.

I know it, because you deserve it.

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