Hostile town hall meeting?

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O'REILLY: "Impact" segment tonight out here in Los Angeles. I get "The New York Times" delivered every morning as well as "The Wall Street Journal" and "The L.A. Times."

So I'm looking at page one of the New York paper and there's an article about a recent Chris Christie town hall meeting. The article heavily implies that Christie was under assault from his constituents at that meeting. But then I called my people in New York and said, hey, look at the videotape. I think they're throwing things with Christie. I think they're hitting him with sticks. We couldn't find any evidence of that at all. Take a look.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: When you go home tonight, would you please destroy all your Bruce Springsteen CDs. He's not a friend of yours, Governor.

CHRISTIE: Well, the -- this -- you see, the CDs can be destroyed. I have it all on my iPhone now but --


O'REILLY: Now most of the questions were about Hurricane Sandy relief, not the bridge gate -- so-called bridge gate scandal.

With us now to analyze New Jersey resident and Fox Business guy Lou Dobbs. So I mean I set that up just the way it happened. You know I was going why wasn't I told about this riot where Christie was thrown to the floor and people were jumping on him, all right?

So we looked at every frame of the meeting. It was all on tape. Nothing happened.


O'REILLY: But if you read "The New York Times" it was like the guy was set on fire.

DOBBS: Yes looking at "The New York Times" and the hometown, if you will, home state "Star Ledger" you would have thought that the good Governor had just been torn to pieces. "The New York Times" Bill, pointed out that -- that Governor Christie is now seen as mortal, as if begrudgingly he'd been brought down from Olympus. I mean that is the nature of Jersey politics, give and take.

Look at this guy without his coat in the middle of citizens who have assembled to have a back and forth with their governor. How many states do you see that happening in? When's the last time that you saw a give and take -- a true give and take between President Obama and constituents, citizens.

And "The New York Times" decided to focus, as you say, on hostility which by the way, there just wasn't much of it. And by the way, that was an expression of concern by the -- the gentleman in the American legion hat saying to him destroy your Bruce Springsteen tapes. You know, crazy stuff.

O'REILLY: Now, I want to point out again that there were very few questions about the George Washington bridge thing that the liberal media is seizing upon every single day for the last five months, I think. And look, I'm not diminishing the story. If Governor Christie ordered lanes to be closed because he wanted to punish a mayor that didn't support him or if he knew about it and lied to us --

DOBBS: Absolutely.

O'REILLY: Because he said he didn't know about it, he's through.

DOBBS: Yes absolutely.

O'REILLY: He's got to leave, he's got to resign, he's out, gone, see you, shananana, hey, hey, hey, goodbye. But we're sitting here and there is no evidence of that today.

DOBBS: Not a single --

O'REILLY: I'm not going to keep reporting garbage speculation as the liberal media does. So now here's -- here's my final deal.

DOBBS: All right.

O'REILLY: I believe there is a collusion going on in the left wing press to destroy Christie because they believe, the left wing press believes, that he is the most effective candidate against Hillary Clinton. That is what I believe right now. I could be wrong.

DOBBS: You know, the old expression they don't kick sick puppies particularly off of a porch and that's what they're trying to do with Christie because they perceive him exactly as you say -- a powerful potential force for 2016.

And the fact is despite all of the bad press and as -- and I happen to agree with you, that there is if not a conspiracy, a coordinated effort to attack the man in the leading liberal newspapers and news organizations in the country. The fact remains that he has his -- his approval rating has plummeted in Jersey from 65 percent all the way down to 59 percent. He won reelection four months ago by 60 percent, 60 percent vote. The President only got 51 percent -- he's doing pretty well.

O'REILLY: Well yes but I mean it remains to be seen whether Christie can get his mojo back. He's got two years to do it and we'll see. All right Lou thanks as always we appreciate it.

DOBBS: It's great to see you

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