Holloway Arrest Coming Soon? Don't Hold Your Breath

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GRETA VAN SUSTEREN, FOX NEWS HOST: And, finally, the Aruban prosecutor Hans Mos, responds. John Q. Kelly, the Holloway family attorney, has been trying to get Aruban prosecutor Hans Mos on the phone. Mos did leave him a rather nasty voicemail the other day. But now Hans Mos has responded to a letter from Kelly.

So what did Mos say in this response? John Q. Kelly joins us. John, what did he say?

JOHN Q. KELLY, HOLLOWAY FAMILY ATTORNEY: It's basically two-fold. One is that Joran [van der Sloot] has given different versions of the same event, so they can't be bothered with it.

And, two, they have no interest in any evidence or information that might assist him at this point.

VAN SUSTEREN: That is cute. The key is if you want to commit a crime, go to Aruba and tell three stories, because they will not investigate you and they won't look to corroborate. That's lesson number one. That's good advice.

You ask to have him arrested. What happens about that?

KELLY: He said we have no basis for it. This is the first time we have had any information that has been corroborated. He says he father was engaged in a cover-up, and it turns out that the chief of police and Paulus [van der Sloot], it has been confirmed that they hindered the prosecution. We have taped conversations that confirmed the boys talking about hoping that Natalee, or fearing that she may be alive. There are cell phone pings as to locations of Joran down by the fisherman's hut. There are all kinds of things independently that confirm what Joran is saying now, and they just won't listen.

VAN SUSTEREN: I know that he doesn't like us here at "On the Record." And I will make this promise tonight-we will stop being the monkey on his back if he does any investigation at all.

But I can tell you one thing. We have learned new information that a member of the Dutch parliament, Hero Brinkman, he is about to raise holy hell on Hans Mos. He is going down to Aruba in early January.

And if Hans Mos does not like us, wait until he gets a hold of this member of parliament, because he says that Aruba is "corrupt as hell" I think were his words, not mine.

KELLY: Greta, can I take you to the woodshed on one thing? I think people have to understand that even thought it was five months before your aired your interview with Joran that Hans Mos was made aware of it and the substance of it in great detail almost immediately, and he had no interest in following.

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In the ensuing four months there were a lot of efforts to independently corroborate what you had learned without the Aruban assistance.

VAN SUSTEREN: John, I will tell you--I will give him anything we have to help this investigation. I thought he was lazy. I now think that is probably the most favorable thing to think about him.

I have never seen a prosecutor who will not bother to look at a case. This may be a wild goose chase, but we have information that he could corroborate. But he will not, and his big enemy now, his big monster, is me.

KELLY: Greta, you made that same offer back in July. He ignored it then and he is ignoring it now, and there must be a reason.

VAN SUSTEREN: Wait until Hero Brinkman gets down there, that member of the Dutch parliament, because he is not happy. John, thank you.

KELLY: See you, Greta.

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