Hillary Clinton vs. Jeb Bush in 2016 bad for America?

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NEIL CAVUTO, HOST: Well, look at this little Jeb-and-Hillary run-in, fueling talk that maybe this is a preview to them running.

Bush and Clinton speaking at the same education conference in Texas today, but does all the presidential buzz about these two have all of us feeling a little hung over?

Jerry Bowyer says maybe it's time for a do-over, because these dynasties are so over.

You are saying that we keep going back to the same well here, Jerry. Maybe try something different?

JERRY BOWYER, PRESIDENT, BOWYER RESEARCH: Yes, we keep going back to -- it's Clintons and Bushes and Clintons and Bushes in so many election cycles.

America is not designed for dynasties. We almost -- we started to have one with the Adams and that -- thankfully, that dined out. We're not a monarchy, and the idea that we have these same families, and not just these same families, but these same players, insiders coming up again and again, I think, is something that Americans are frankly sick of.

I have been giving public speeches since my mid-20s, which means for the past 25, 26 years, and I have -- as I talk to audiences, it tends to be investors and small business people, conservative and liberal. I have never seen hostility to Washington or to our ruling class as universal and intense as I see it now.

CAVUTO: No, I agree with that.

BOWYER: So, maybe...

CAVUTO: No, no, no.

BOWYER: Maybe we would...

CAVUTO: Jerry, I see the same thing.

BOWYER: ... get out of Washington. I'm sorry. Go ahead.

CAVUTO: But I would say it applies to governors, it applies to congressmen and senators.

We always seek out those in the same petri dish. And I -- and I think that there's nothing wrong looking at that dish if you want it. That's fine. But expand it out. Look at CEOs or money guys or investment managers...

BOWYER: Right.

CAVUTO: ... or those who have been very, very successful in the private industry and other ways, but, again, not your obvious types.

BOWYER: Yes. What grows in a...


BOWYER: What grows in petri dishes? Good things generally don't grow in petri dishes, Neil.

CAVUTO: Right.

BOWYER: Right? Slime molds and molds and bacteria and everything.

And Washington, D.C., and politics in general is the most fantastically include rich growth medium for power hunger and narcissism that we have ever seen, maybe in the history of the world. Washington is more -- there's more concentration of power in that city than there has ever been in a city probably in human history, at least going back to Rome.

So it does not attract the right kinds of people. And when people get there, it does not bring out the best in them. It brings out the worst. I would say starting point is, if I were are hiring for president or for candidate, my starting qualification would be, be you must not have a 202 area code.


BOWYER: If have to call you to interview you for this job, and I have to dial 202, you're out.

CAVUTO: All right.

BOWYER: There's 315 million Americans. OK? Out of -- somewhere out of that 315 million, there's got to be talent and leadership ability and even wisdom, instead of the dozen or so we hear over and over again.

CAVUTO: And always out of that 202 or, should I say, Washington, D.C., area code.

So, who would you like to see run, if you had your druthers, at least throw his or her hat in the ring?

BOWYER: I don't know. I want it open. I really want an open primary here.

They don't -- I mean, like governors more than I like Washington figures.

CAVUTO: Right. Right.

BOWYER: Nikki Haley, for instance, governor of South Carolina, very promising. Scott Walker, governor of Wisconsin, very promising on the Republican side.

But I would be happy if it weren't a governor or a state senator. There's all sorts of occupations in the world. If you're watching me now, raise your hand if you're a politician; 99.99 percent of viewers are not raising their hand right now.

So there are -- and let's leave lawyers out of it for now, too, because that's like politicians in the embryonic stage.


BOWYER: So, what about people who are entrepreneurs, business executives...

CAVUTO: Right.

BOWYER: ... artists, writers, rabbis, pastors, small business owners, large business owners, people who run day care centers? I mean, all the occupations that Americans have...

CAVUTO: Community organizers. Community organizers.

BOWYER: ... why do we keep throwing our political...

CAVUTO: Right.

BOWYER: well, community organizers is down to the worst phase. That's a politician. And that hasn't worked out so well for us.

CAVUTO: Something...


CAVUTO: All right.

BOWYER: Community disorganizers maybe.

CAVUTO: All right.

BOWYER: We -- we have got to go completely outside of the box.

And if the Republicans go with the same old people from Washington, it will be disastrous for them in the next election cycle. We will go the way of the Whigs.

CAVUTO: Doesn't hurt to just -- just branch out, branch out.

Jerry, thank you very much, Jerry Bowyer.

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