Did the Craigslist Killer Strike Again?

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GRETA VAN SUSTEREN, FOX NEWS HOST: Is there a Craigslist killer? And did he just strike again? Last night, we told you about two women savagely attacked in Boston, possibly by the same man. One of the woman in a fancy hotel shot in the chest multiple times, murdered, the other in a different fancy hotel viciously attacked but survived, both women masseuses with ads on Craigslist, and near both crime scenes, surveillance cameras recording the same possible suspect.

Now there has been a third attack, this one, though, in Rhode Island. Could it be the same man? Colonel Stephen McCartney from the Warwick, Rhode Island police forces joins us by phone. Colonel, what happened in this attack in Rhode Island.

COL. STEPHEN MCCARTNEY, WARWICK, RI POLICE DEPARTMENT (Via telephone): Well, what happened here is that we called to the hotel last night shortly before 11:30. We took a report from a 26-year-old female victim who indicated that she had been confronted by a male who had contacted her through craigslist advertisement that she put up on that Web site.

When he came into the room, he confronted her with a handgun, bound her, and then demanded money and other items that we are not going to identify at this point in time.

Fortunately for her, her husband came in shortly after she was bound and interrupted the crime in progress. And the suspect then focused his attention on the husband, who then retreated from the room down the hallway, followed by the assailant.

The woman was then able to get up and move over by the door and slam the door shut, which then panicked the assailant, who then fled the scene.

VAN SUSTEREN: Is there surveillance video in that Holiday Inn Express? Those are nice hotels, but they are not the posh hotels of the other two. Is there surveillance video in the Holiday Inn Express that caught this assailant?

MCCARTNEY: Yes, there is.

VAN SUSTEREN: Have you seen it, and does it appear to be a man similar to the one in the other two videos?

MCCARTNEY: At this point in time, we had a meeting this afternoon with Boston. We also had Providence detectives and our local FBI at the meeting.

And we did review the tape. And we do feel that our tape is of significant evidentiary value to the overall investigation.

So at this point in time come, at the request of Boston PD, we are holding onto it and not making a public, since Boston PD has already made their tape public. So, the tape --

VAN SUSTEREN: I am not asking you to make it public, but was there a man on your tape?

MCCARTNEY: Yes, there was.

VAN SUSTEREN: The woman -- what was her occupation that she was advertising on craigslist?

MCCARTNEY: We are still trying to locate that actual list, but she is telling us verbally that she advertised herself as a lap dancer.

VAN SUSTEREN: And her husband was there?

MCCARTNEY: The husband came in afterwards. He was initially somewhat unaware of what was going on. And in the interview, he later admitted that he had some idea that his wife was involved in some extracurricular activity unassociated with her job as an exotic dancer at a location in Providence.

That took a little while because there were some concerns there with both victim and the witness. However, he did admit it. But at this particular time, I think he was unaware of the timing, because both he and the wife were supposed to go out, and he then interrupted the crime in progress.

VAN SUSTEREN: Something sounds a little bit funny about this one, but I know that you are on top of it and investigating it aggressively.

Colonel, thank you.

MCCARTNEY: You're welcome.

VAN SUSTEREN: Joe Dwinell, city editor for "The Boston Herald" is here with more. Joe, nice to see you again. Joe, what is going on in the investigation in Boston with the killing and the assault of the other one? The woman obviously survived that one.

JOE DWINELL, CITY EDITOR, "THE BOSTON HERALD": Nice to see you again, too, Greta, thanks.

This is a big break in the case. They are saying that this lap dancer had her wrists lashed with plastic wraps just like the other women in Boston.

So this is the latest break in the case. This means that the craigslist killer could be moving south. Boston could be too hot, and so he is jumping down to Rhode Island.

VAN SUSTEREN: The two women in Boston, were they bound with plastic, both of them, around the wrist?

DWINELL: Yes. And the woman who was killed, she started to have her wrists bound, and then she put up a struggle, and that's when she was shot multiple times in the torso.

As you can see, Julissa Brisman, 26, aspiring actress, recovering alcoholic, a beautiful young girl, gunned down, 20th floor of the Marriott, a high rise, a high-style hotel. That's the murder. That's the toughest, roughest case that has happened so far.

But there was also a week ago tonight, there was also a robbery at a Carpolee(ph) hotel.

VAN SUSTEREN: And is that other hotel is a nice hotel as well. I guess, I think what's peculiar to me -

DWINELL: The Westin.

VAN SUSTEREN: -- what's peculiar is that you have these fancy hotels in Boston. You have this other incident in Rhode Island, and it is sort of strange that the husband shows up at a lap dance. And she says she is an exotic dancer. He said he did not know that she was a lap dancer.

There is just something that is just not the same as the other two to me. Maybe it is, but it seems odd.

DWINELL: It does. And the husband -- we could use another word for that. We don't know the exact relationship going on there. Is he helping her make a buck, make quick cash?

That's what this is all about. When you go on craigslist, it is just one after another for kinky sex and hot sex and coeds. It's just everyone looking to make a quick buck. And this suspect is prowling for that, looking to grab the cash and go, get out and go. He is doing it as quick as he can, and he is armed, and he's dangerous.

VAN SUSTEREN: Joe, I hope you come back as we continue to follow this bizarre and tragic, as well. Joe, thank you.

DWINELL: You're welcome, Greta.

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