Democrats and the new Benghazi investigation

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BOLLING: In the "Factor Follow up Segment" tonight, Democrats and the new Benghazi investigation. Now that the select committee is a done deal, the question remains, will Democrats cooperate?


REP. NANCY PELOSI (D-CA), HOUSE MINORITY LEADER: Let's not be accomplices to diversionary tactic. It's all subterfuge because they don't want to talk about what our responsibilities are here. And we have to make a judgment as to how dangerous we think they can be with their misrepresentation of the facts of the committee. The Speaker says he doesn't want it to go that place. I hope that he -- that that's how it will go. And when I speak with him, we'll see.


BOLLING: With me now in New York to analyze, Steve Leser, a former aide to the Obama presidential campaign and from Providence, Rhode Island, radio talk show host and Fox News contributor, Leslie Marshall. Steve, I'm going to start with you. You're saying don't participate in the Benghazi hearing. Why?

STEVE LESER, DEMOCRATIC STRATEGIST: Well look depending upon which hearing you count this is between the fifth and eighth investigation into the Benghazi attacks. It's just not just beating a dead horse at this point. It's going back the seventh time to beat the dead horse.

These e-mails, they don't say anything new about what happened in Benghazi, whether the terror attacks could have been prevented or anything like that. This is just going to be a rehash of the same thing. The same witnesses have been interviews two, three, four times now. So what is the point of these investigations? Congress would be better spent doing anything else with their time.

BOLLING: You know I could say that there's new information that has come to light since the last hearing, but Leslie, you say go ahead, participate. What do you want, equal representation on the hearing board?

LESLIE MARSHALL, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: I want fair and balanced here, Eric, seriously. We need six and six. And you know just saying, oh, we're going to give you some forewarning on subpoenas that are issued and we'll let you look into the documentation, that's not enough. And I don't think it bodes well for Republicans in an election year.

And I do feel and agree with Steve somewhat this is definitely politically motivated. We had five independent investigations. One a bipartisan Senate intelligence committee nothing has shown that there was any cover-up in the White House and this is way too either.

BOLLING: I love the fact we have two Democrats disagreeing on the same topic you have to love that. But here is -- here is the question, so -- so how is it going to be perceived by the public, by the population, by America, if the Democrats do or don't participate? Which one says, as Steve points out, you have enough, you've had your moment, or is it the other side of the coin that says hey, do you not care enough Democrats, do you know care enough Steve Democrats that you're not willing to at least ask more questions?

LESER: Well my response to that would be, we cared enough to participate five times. And we don't want to do it again. You know, we make fun of Italy for three Amanda Knox hearings to try to get the result that they wanted over there.


BOLLING: Don't you think the Republicans are going to say, hey look, you didn't want to show up. What you don't want answers, four dead Americans?

LESER: No I mean we've got the answers already. It was a terrible thing that happened, some signals were missed. That's the same thing and every single time that we've had Americans die, whether it's 9/11 whether it's the Beirut bombings, the ten offensive Pearl Harbor -- we can go back to all of those this is the first one that has been publicized this way, and it's enough.

You know Republicans have had enough times at this we've got all these investigations, all these witnesses. They're going to give the same answers to the same questions.

BOLLING: Leslie some people are saying that this might be brilliant politics on the left by saying you know what as Steve points out, we've done this already you know what you guys, you Republicans have your fun with your hearing?

MARSHALL: You know -- you know, if you're asking me who is going to be right or wrong here, Steve or I, I'm right, you're wrong, sorry, Steve and the reason for this is that you know that we're looking at in this election and past elections, the centrist, the moderates, the independents -- people that don't want to identify with Democrats on the left or Republicans on the right.

There are many Americans who still want answers. I'm not sure every Americans is going to get the answer they want. I think the truth has come out five times. If there's a sixth, I think the Democrats need to be present to make sure the truth comes out, especially because I do feel this is politically motivated. And I think even --


BOLLING: Let me throw something at you, Leslie. If you watch some of the hearings and we spent a lot of time watching these hearings, what typically happens in the Benghazi hearings, the Republicans will ask poignant questions about what happened, where were you, what happened, where is the e-mail trail we want to know? The Democrats will come up, have their moment, and turn the subject to something completely different almost like they're diverting the attention, wasting the time of the committee and the American people's time because they don't want to do this. So does it make sense? They look terrible doing it.

MARSHALL: No, I don't agree with you on that. If you read the transcript, and I'm sure you have Eric as I have, of the report that was released early this year in January by the Senate Intelligence Committee, bipartisan and I felt very fair and balanced quite frankly, I feel the questions were very straight. Our Secretary of State, who was a Democratic senator for years, John Kerry, has said that he will cooperate. I don't think that's changed in the past six hours.

And the bottom line here is the Democrats need to be present, although I do think it's a waste of taxpayer time and money. Not to find out what happened in Benghazi, to come up with a sixth or like Steve said maybe eighth answers to that questions that's been answered five times now.

BOLLING: Leslie and Steve there's new information. We know that the talking points were purposely told to go in a direction that they knew very well wasn't the direction of what they really believed, and they sent Susan Rice out there to do the talk shows. This information is new. Also new information since the last hearing is that President Obama was not in the situation room at the time. Don't we need more answers?

LESER: Here's the problem with that narrative that the Republicans seem to want to sell right now. And that is if the President of the United States, Barack Obama, the very next day after this happened, went out and said this was an act of terror. So for Republicans to try to claim that the administration wanted put out the narrative that it wasn't an act of terror, that it was these -- you know the video, the anti-Muslim video that caused this to happen, the President of the United States himself counters that.

BOLLING: You know what I'm going to side with Leslie on this one only because we spent so much money in the country Leslie, a few more bucks to get some answers is well worth it. Steve and Leslie thank you very much.


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