Dating website CEO offers solutions to fix ObamaCare site

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NEIL CAVUTO, HOST: Well, forget this guy's Website fix. All it apparently needs is a sugar fix, as in the Remember that? Remember this guy? Because, to hear that website's CEO tell it, the dating site would have the White House hitting its deadline date, no problem.

Gautam Sharma joins me right now. How would it work? How would you fix this?

GAUTAM SHARMA, FOUNDER, SUGARDADDYFORME.COM: Hi, Neil. Well, the fix is very simple. We routinely deal with that many members. Our site has a lot of traffic. And it's -- it's -- in my mind, it's as simple as fixing the routing of the traffic.

We have done it regularly. You know, has been online since 2004. And every month or so, we have an influx of 100,000 new visitors. Something goes live, something goes on the air, we get these visitors. We handle this routinely. It's not a big problem. We do it all the time.

CAVUTO: Yes, but the volume, impressive as it is -- and yours is a site that gets quite a few latching on because they want to latch on to I guess sugar daddies to make them comfy for life.

But it does say probably a good metaphor for this whole big government push, so you would be apropos there. But what would be the first thing you would do, recognizing just the sheer volume of traffic you're facing? What would you do?

SHARMA: Well, the first thing we would do is, I think the problem lies in, like I said, the handling of the traffic.

The first thing I would do is just put on a layer of hardware that routes traffic. You know, it's all about taking -- making sure that you have enough power to grapple with the traffic and route it correctly to the right server. I mean, I don't want to get too technical.

CAVUTO: Well, they obviously didn't. They obviously didn't. Yes, don't get technical.

SHARMA: No, they did not.

CAVUTO: But they didn't do that.

SHARMA: No, they did not.

CAVUTO: Now, yours is an appealing site because it's a little risque and a little controversial. There's nothing risque about the health care site, though, it's plenty controversial. How would you jazz up interest in it?

SHARMA: Well, here's the thing.

I mean, first of all, people traditionally, if you look at a website, people -- if a website works really well, if the -- it's easy to use, if the usability of a site is good, people are automatically interested in using the site. The biggest turnoff for a website is if it's hard to find what you're looking for, it's hard to use.

CAVUTO: Right.

SHARMA: So that plays a big role.

CAVUTO: Do you though, knowing what you do -- you do have the expertise and the know-how and so does your staff to make this work. But it would be very controversial for the administration to go to the guy behind to rescue this, that just the PR wouldn't look good. Would you acknowledge that?

SHARMA: I completely disagree with that.


SHARMA: I mean, look, look, look, what do we -- what exactly do we do?

You know what? We are a public service.


SHARMA: We care about our members. -- look, we are -- we really care about our members.

CAVUTO: A little bit too much.

SHARMA: All it is, there's a huge segment of society...


SHARMA: But there is a huge segment of society -- we have female-to-male ratios 4-1.


SHARMA: And we are trying to provide a service. We're trying to make their lives better.

CAVUTO: There you go.

SHARMA: So is the health care site.


CAVUTO: Your pitch is sound. Just, the health care might be a little risky.

Gautam, it's always great seeing you. Thank you very, very much.

SHARMA: Thank you. Thank you, Neil.

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