Church Shootings: Should Places of Worship Hire Protection?

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NEIL CAVUTO, HOST: Meantime, this incident has my next guest advising places of worship to put an armed guard on the payroll, and fast.

He's Bob Newman. Bob is the president of WAS Security.

So, Bob, you say this would be a way around a potential disaster, right?

BOB NEWMAN, PRESIDENT, WAS SECURITY INC.: And that's one of the ways.

And we can just thank goodness that this female security guard, who I heard is a — is a volunteer there, was actually carrying her concealed weapon at the time, and had the — had the temerity to face this guy down.

And from what I hear, also, Neil, she shot him once, and he fell down and then reached for — for what appeared to be grenade — and that could have, of course, been a smoke grenade — and she told him, from what we understand, you know, don't do it. And she had to shoot him a second time.

It is a — it's a different world we live in now, Neil.

CAVUTO: You know, you are going to hear from pastors and ministers who say, you know, maybe there is something to — to what he just said, but it's a sad commentary on our times if we have to remind our congregation, you are going to be footing the bill for an armed guard.

NEWMAN: And it is a sad commentary, but it is also reality.

When my teams and I are off around the world in different places doing training or consulting, we see different attitudes. Here in America, we still haven't grown up as a society yet, in many cases. But, then again, we have clients right here in the United States who have grown up and who do accept this new reality, as grim as it is.

And maybe some money, some extra money, needs to go into some of the church's collections plates, if — if it's a small church. But, you know, when have you a mega-church, like the New Life Church, they have got some extra cash. And thank goodness that their director of security was wise enough to — to put some extra people on when he heard about the — the shooting up at the — up at the mission up in Arvada.

CAVUTO: All right.

Bob, thank you very much.

NEWMAN: Always a pleasure, Neil.


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