Cavuto: We Owe China, But They Don't Own Us

NEIL CAVUTO, HOST OF “YOUR WORLD”: So big pow-wow at the White House tonight between top Chinese and American officials.

Our top economic and political guys meeting with their top economic and political guys.

And guess who else is attending.

Their top military guys, presumably with our top military guys.

It’s weird. But it’s not surprising.

I just wonder why we give China this kind of treatment.

I know we owe them a lot of money...

But does that mean surrendering "all" our pride?

Look at us. We're pathetic.

We're a great country.

So they own a lot of our debt.

Does anyone realize that's because we buy a lot of their stuff?

So they take all that money and invest it back in us.

And now we feel beholden because they're investing essentially our money back in us?

You don't need an economics degree to see this is nuts.

I mean, before anyone talks about our finances being tainted...anyone recall the paints, the foods, the kids' toys from China that actually "were" tainted?

This would be like me storming into a fitness gym and screaming, "Speed it up, guys"..."Put more ooomph into it!!"

Are you kidding?

Look, I’m not saying China isn't right to say we're a fiscal mess. We are.

But you better be squeeky clean yourself to make the charge, and they are not.

We owe them. But that doesn't mean they own us.

We are the reason China is the success it is.

I hope someone at that meeting tonight in the White House mentions that.

But let's just say I’m not betting on that.

It is amazing.

We hold all the chits.

And we're just being chicken chits.

I think its total, total, bull-chit.

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