Cavuto: Washington is nibbling at our wallets

If all revenue options are on the table...why not all spending cut options?

I'm going to be exploring this a lot more tonight on my Fox Business Network 8 p.m. Yeah, opposite that Irish guy...but relax, he re-runs throughout the can catch him anytime...tonight, for this, you've got to make the time. see what we've un-covered on this tax stuff on "the financial factor."

Relax, Bill, I've patented the name.

But may I give you all an early nibble ahead of my FBN show...right now?

Washington is nibbling at "our" wallets...

But not "their" wallets.

This balanced approached?

...not so balanced.

...think about it.

Look at all the creative ways they've come up with to raise revenues, but it's like they've got collective congressional writers' block when it comes to cutting spending, even just "slowing" spending.

Talk of a hike in the federal gas tax.

Whacking deductions for higher income earners...and that's beyond raising their overall tax rates.

Going after the mortgage deduction.

Re-visiting charitable deductions.

Closing tax loopholes.

My, the things they can come up with when it comes to getting more money "to" Washington...

But not nearly the same fervor to control spending "in" Washington.

Not when union members descend on the capitol today, and insist entitlements be off the table.

And others demand social security be put off until next year.

Here's' what I'm seeing in the waning weeks of "this" year.

Tax hikes now.

"Maybe" spending cuts later.


Increasingly though...unlikely.

What "is" likely is Washington finding many more ways to feed the beast, than ever "tame" the beast?

I'm told that all comes up next year...when they really get into things like entitlement reform and tax reform.

But that's like me saying I'm going to exercise and eat right.

Someday, I just might.

This day, I'm just not.

Here's the difference.

I'm the one whose shirt buttons pop when I fail.

"We're" the ones "losing" our shirts...when they fail.