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GRETA VAN SUSTEREN, FOX NEWS HOST: And at this very minute, quarterback king Brett Favre is back in Green Bay, Wisconsin. The quarterback has reported to Packers' training camp and is now officially reinstated as a member of the team.

But what does that mean for his future? Favre's one time backup, Aaron Rogers, is supposed to be taking the starting position starting September 8, the first game of the season. Would Brett ever play as a backup to Rogers? Brett went "On the Record" and told us exactly how he feels about being a backup.


I know you haven't made a decision, but is going back to Green Bay an option and being the backup quarterback at this point?

BRETT FAVRE: Going back and being backup quarterback--no.

VAN SUSTEREN: What about competing for starting quarterback?


VAN SUSTEREN: I'm just asking. I'm just asking just that--

FAVRE: That's what I don't understand. Why? Well, Brett, you retired, you know what I mean?

VAN SUSTEREN: Allowing them to trade you so they get something in return.

FAVRE: Hard to imagine, but if I'm going to play--I mean obviously, I would have to agree to whoever it is. And I'm sure, you know, they're not going to do it with a big rival or competitor or whatever.

But that may be my only option. I don't know what else to do.


VAN SUSTEREN: Joining us live is Fox Sports' Chris Myers. Welcome back, Chris. And the intrigue tonight--we were expecting a press conference at Lambeau Field, and it got canceled. Something's going on behind the scenes. Any thoughts?

CHRIS MYERS, FOX SPORTS: Well, the meeting lasted longer than I think everybody thought. And I know Brett Favre, Greta, went into the meeting upset--

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VAN SUSTEREN: Let me just stop you there. Let me just say there was a meeting before the press conference, and the press conference didn't happen. What was this meeting about?

MYERS: Right. The meeting was Mike McCarthy primarily with Brett Favre. And that was the meeting that we want to guess that the Packers were discussing what they were going to do with Brett Favre.

They could open up the competition. Aaron Rogers is their starter. Your comments from Brett are very clear. He wants to play. He'd rather play in Green Bay, but if not, he's not going to be a backup, and he's doesn't want to be forced into retirement.

They thought he would take that money settlement, that retirement package, which, by the way, would help them keep the merchandise of his jerseys in the Packer organization for NFL properties. If he goes to another team, they would lose some of that, reportedly.

But I know Brett went into the meeting upset because when he arrived in Green Bay, he wasn't given the offensive play. He wanted to look at those, and certain people that usually talk to Brett didn't talk to Brett. He wasn't allowed really the access that he normally would get until today. So he was kind of kept out of the picture. So he went in very, very upset, and I don't know that he trusts many people now in the Packer organization, or many of the front office people.

VAN SUSTEREN: All right. Let me give you a couple scenarios. Suppose that they make him the backup quarterback, and suppose he's willing to do that, although he's been absolutely certain with me he wouldn't do that.

He has the starting game record of 275, which is like the Cal Ripken of baseball. Would the Packers ever, you know, destroy their own record?

MYERS: Yes, I don't think Ted Thompson, who is running the show, and now Mark Murphy, the president, who is on Ted's side in this, I don't think they really care about the record. I think they felt Brett retired, we've moved on. Even if he wants to un-retire, we don't want him, and yet they don't want anyone else to have him, primarily the Minnesota Vikings.

And I don't think Brett would ever be a backup under these circumstances in Green Bay, Greta. I just think he's against it. And yet I don't think he would quit either, because now he's been backed into a cornerback and we know it's not about the money.

VAN SUSTEREN: We've been looking at some video. That was Brett Favre and his wife Deanna arriving in Green Bay at the airfield.

On this show, Coach Ditka and Coach Dungy both said they thought he was star starting quarterback material still. He's a 38-year-old man. Now, Dungy did say, though, because he retired it created all sorts of management issues.

But just on the pure basis of whether he can still do it, how does that factor into it? Because they must recognize his talents.

MYERS: Yes, I mean I think he could play somewhere. But this may be part of the Packer's strategy is the more we get into a year and teams move forward with their quarterbacks. He's clearly one of the stop 10 quarterbacks still active, as long as Brett is committed to at least a season or two. And you know the Packers have been grooming Aaron Rogers for this position.

But it looks like now the only team Brett would really want to play for from what we hear is Minnesota, the Vikings. And so what trade value is there really? And that's a team in the division. So we've heard anywhere from a third to a fourth round pick if that's the option that the Packers decide to go.

But the bottom line, Greta, Ted Thompson is very clear, he doesn't want Brett Favre to play or to take the field in this scenario, because you'll get what you already had Sunday night, some fans booing Aaron Rogers and affecting his forward progress.

VAN SUSTEREN: And even worse than that, if he went to the Vikings. September 8 is the opening game Lambeau Field, and the last thing they want is Brett in a purple uniform, because they're also supposed to be retiring his jersey, the Packers.

Of course now that he's reinstated, the retirement won't happen. That won't happen at all.

It certainly is intriguing, Chris, and you and I will continue to watch this as will everybody else.

MYERS: Well, and I think the fact that the Packers brought in Ari Fleischer as a consultant. What's next, Henry Kissinger?

VAN SUSTEREN: I forgot that. The former White House Press Secretary Ari Fleischer is now doing crisis control for the Green Bay Packer management. So the plot thickens.

MYERS: Yes. We'll keep an eye--I know you'll be on top of things.


Anyway, its' an intriguing story. Chris, thank you.

MYERS: All right. In the end, he'll play somewhere, we think.

VAN SUSTEREN: Well, I think so, too, and so does he, I think.

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