Bill O'Reilly: Why America is heading in the wrong direction

By Bill O'Reilly

New poll from ABC News says two-thirds of Americans believe the USA is on the wrong track. Here are the numbers. About 1,000 adults are sampled; 33 percent say the country is headed in the right direction. But 63 percent believe the opposite, that's obviously a big number.

Among Independents... just 26 percent like the direction of the country; a whopping 70 percent feel America is on the decline. One group happy about the state of the union, liberal Democrats; 66 percent of them approve of the country's direction; 33 percent do not. Now, the liberal statistic isn't surprising. President Obama and the Democrats have changed the direction of the country as we reported yesterday. In just three years President Obama has increased the federal workforce ten times as much as President Reagan did in eight years. Also the President is promoting a variety of nanny state programs which liberals love.

But, for many folks, things are grim and the primary reason is, of course, the economy. It's not getting better. People are frightened. Many American workers understand if they lose their jobs their lives are likely to collapse.

By the way, scared voters don't usually re-elect incumbent politicians. Nevertheless, the President remains popular on a personal basis, far outpolling Mitt Romney in that category. So even though most Americans believe the USA is in trouble, the President is not yet down for the count.

In addition to the awful economy, we are seeing a big social change in the country. Younger Americans especially are now dependent on the machines. In fact, many of them are addicted to high tech. When you have millions of citizens living in fantasy worlds, generated by personal computers, you have a distracted country.

That's what happened to ancient Rome. The population got so corrupt and apathetic that the powerful Roman machine collapsed leading to hundreds of years of chaos across Europe.

America is not yet close to collapse, but we're in trouble. If President Obama is re-elected the national debt could rise to more than $20 trillion before he leaves office.

We're also a divided nation. This presidential election is going to be close despite the pessimism. Many Americans now want government assistance and only 58 percent of American workers are currently paying any federal income tax at all.

While President Obama rails against the wealthy, it is the affluent who are carrying the vast financial burden in this country. All in all, these are not good days for the most powerful country on earth and some cynics believe we will not hold that mantel much longer.

And that's "The Memo."