Bill O'Reilly: Who is still supporting President Obama?

By Bill O'Reilly

A Washington poll asks whether the Obama administration is a success or failure, among registered voters, 55 percent say failure, 39 percent success.

In the same poll Americans were asked is President Obama a strong leader? Yes, 43 percent. No, 55 percent. And finally, do you support U.S. airstrikes against the ISIS army in Iraq?

The 71 percent now support, just 23 percent oppose. Quoting the real clear politics, President Obama's job approval now stands at 42 percent across the board with 54 percent disapproving.

So the question then becomes, who continues to support the president? Let's start with the 39 percent who somehow believe the Obama administration is doing well. Then you add 4 percent who are simply loons. They don't know anything.

And then there's the 43 percent job approval number. Just add the two. But in order to think that the president is succeeding, you have to accept the following. One, the economy is a plus. Two, American foreign policy is a positive for this country and three, we are becoming a stronger nation overall.

Apparently 43 percent of Americans believe that. Even though wages for working Americans continue to fall. There's conflict nearly everywhere overseas and we're deeply divided nation at home.

So logic pretty much leaves the building when you talk about President Obama. The reason is that some Americans have a lot of emotion invested in him. African-Americans, for example, see the president as a historical figure.

Many poor Americans see him as a savior because of the entitlement rise and some hard core liberals even though they don't think the president is not doing enough are loathe to criticize him.

So at this point, President Obama is riding on emotion. Both pro and con because many of those who do not like his job performance deeply disapprove, according to the ABC News poll.

As we reported last night, the president's leadership is shaky by historical standards. Most importantly, he does not, does not want to use American power. He feels that it has been misused in the past. And he would rather stay on the sidelines than confront difficult situations.

Therefore he delays and the problem gets worse. It's now a known fact that the president knew about the ISIS threat a year ago and he didn't engage. The only reason he finally acted is because the terror group beheaded two Americans on camera.

The world is changing rapidly. High-tech makes evil much stronger. Terrorists use it. Pedophiles use it. Criminals use it. All of them can now spread their perversions quickly and efficiently throughout the entire world.

To combat that evil, the world needs strong leadership to promote what is good and confront what is bad. Sitting it out, Mr. President, no longer an option. And that's "The Memo".