Bill O'Reilly: The Trayvon Martin murder case and why it is important

By Bill O'Reilly

Lots of folks making fools of themselves over the case; if you are rooting for or against a conviction for George Zimmerman, you're in that category. Nobody not on the scene knows what happened that terrible evening in Sanford, Florida. And to speculate about the lives of two young Americans, not appropriate. All honest Americans should let the justice system work.

After hearing all the evidence, we are then entitled to an honest opinion not based on race. For example, I believe O.J. Simpson murdered two people and Casey Anthony definitely covered up the killing of her baby daughter and most likely caused her death. I came to those conclusions after analyzing the evidence presented. And I did not use race as a factor.

But to prematurely judge the Trayvon Martin case is flat out wrong.


REP. BOBBY RUSH (D), ILLINOIS: Racial profiling has to stop Mr. Speaker. Just because someone wears a hoodie does not make them a hoodlum.


O'REILLY: Congressman Rush should be ashamed of that display. The family of Trayvon Martin seems to have struck the right chord.


DARYL PARKS, MARTIN FAMILY ATTORNEY: To this family, race is not a part of this process. And anybody who tries to inject race into it is wrong. Let's be clear about that, very clear, this family does not want race as a part of this process and does not believe it should be a part of this process.


O'REILLY: The American media is especially guilty of injecting race into the trial. We all know who is doing that and it's disgraceful.

The importance of the case is two-fold. First, to see if the justice system functions in a fair manner; and second, to see exactly how corrupt the press has become. George Zimmerman should know his fate before the month is out and reaction to his fate will be very telling.

And that's "The Memo."