Bill O'Reilly: The Democrats split over President Obama's troubles abroad

By Bill O'Reilly

As we have suggested time and time again, the major problem with President Obama's foreign policy is that he doesn't anticipate problems and then when they arise, whether it be terrorism, Putin, Iran, he seems unsure, almost paralyzed. The new war in Iraq between the terrorist ISIS army and population of that besieged country has deeply embarrassed the Obama administration as thousands of innocent civilians are being slaughtered. Now, U.S. air power and military advisors on the ground are trying to blunt the terrorist advance. But this should have been done a long time ago. So, why wasn't it? Former Vice President Dick Cheney provided the answer.


CHENEY: The general consensus that the world is a better place and U.S. strong, and we've got friends and allies and we're prepared to act and support them and demonstrate that strength. I don't think Obama believes any of that. I think is he dead set against it, but I think he believes that the United States is part of the problem in the world and the best thing he can do is cut our defense budget, reduce our footprint in the Middle East and elsewhere, you know, reset the relationship with Russia. That really worked out well for us. I just -- I don't think he has the same fundamental set of beliefs that most of our presidents have held over the years.


O'REILLY: Of course, the Cheney is a staunch supporter of President Obama, but as we reported yesterday, Former Secretary of State Clinton has also hammered the president over foreign policy. Well, tonight, there is a big party on Martha's Vineyard with scores of democratic fat cats showing up. Mrs. Clinton says she is going to hug President Obama at the party. Talking points will not comment or speculate on what could happen during that hug. But it is clear that if Hillary Clinton wants to be the next president, she cannot embrace, pardon the pun, President Obama's foreign policy it's in a shambles and Americans know it. So, Mrs. Clinton will either have to say nothing or distance herself from the president that will present problems for her because if President Obama gets teed off he could hurt Hillary Clinton's presidential chances. Already the far left wing of the Democratic Party has repudiated Hillary Clinton. They think she is too conservative. However, the Obama administration does not want to fight with Hillary. That was made quite clear yesterday.


BEN RHODES, DEPUTY NATIONAL SECURITY ADVISOR: President Obama spoke to Secretary Clinton today. They reiterated that they are in broad agreement on so many of the issues that we're confronted with around the world and she has been a great partner.


O'REILLY: Sure. And so, the Democratic Party finds itself in a very awkward position. But for every day Americans, the question is, how much damage is being done to America because of President Obama's ineffective policy? In my opinion? Tons. And that's "The Memo".