Bill O'Reilly: President Obama under tremendous pressure over Iran

Today in front of congress, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu delivered a very strong speech telling the world that the country of Iran has engaged in a reign of terror.


NETANYAHU: The greatest danger facing our world is the marriage of militant Islam with nuclear weapons. To defeat ISIS and let Iran get nuclear weapons would be to win the battle but lose the war. We can't let that happen.


O'REILLY: Netanyahu says he won't let that happen. If he is reelected on March 17th, he says Israel will take on Iran alone if it has to. All of this especially vexing, because the nuke negotiations are so complicated -- the Israelis believe what John Kerry is suggesting in Switzerland is dangerous because it allows Iran to continue to hold nuclear capacity.

Others dissent from that point of view. But give Netanyahu some credit. He says what he believes in a vivid way while the Obama administration does not, staying far away from publicly debating the merits of what the U.S.A. is offering Iran. In fact, 58 Democrats boycotted the speech today and then hammered it after it was delivered.


REP. JOHN YARMUTH (D), KENTUCKY: This speech was straight out of the Dick Cheney playbook. This was fear mongering at its ultimate. Phrases like essentially saying nuclear war is inevitable if this deal were to be - - a deal were to be accepted.


O'REILLY: Almost all the Democrats who did not show up are far left folks. We will take a look at that shortly.

Now "Talking Points" believes Iran is a dangerous country and would likely violate any treaty the Obama administration signs. It's almost a given. But world order can be bolstered by talking with the mullahs, as we are doing -- talking with them rationally. Simply walking away from the table would be bad policy.

President Obama should address the nation and the world and lay out what he believes is a fair deal. Let's see it so we can evaluate what's in play. Then Congress should vote yes or no. And if the Iranians don't agree to a fair deal the Congress endorses then draconian sanctions should be immediately re-applied. And villains like Putin who don't go along with the sanctions should be exposed.

Right now the world needs clarity. Netanyahu spelled out the danger very well. Now we need the most powerful man in the world Barack Obama to step up and persuade us his offer to Iran would stop the nuclear madness. We are waiting -- Mr. President.

And that's “The Memo”.