Bill O'Reilly: Keeping your sanity

By Bill O'Reilly

So there I am at mass yesterday and the sermon is about to begin. Often these homilies are not very relevant, to be polite. But the African priest speaking said something very interesting. He looked at the congregation and said that God wants the faithful to keep their sanity. The priest went on to say that there is a plan for everybody. And if you are misguided you can't carry through on that plan.

Now, think about that. God wants us to be sane. It makes sense. The problem is we're living in an insane world where some people completely lose their bearings.

A few examples, last Friday on "The Factor" we had a segment on how the far-left is now saying it is a racial slur as well as a hate crime to call an illegal alien an "illegal alien". Some folks actually believe this. The far-left also says there is a "war on women" because some taxpayers object to paying for female birth control.

But far and away the worst insanity I have seen recently is sympathy for the devil. Last night on "60 Minutes" the head of the coerced interrogation program former CIA agent Jose Rodriguez explained to a skeptical Lesley Stahl that America has an obligation to protect its citizens by using tough interrogation techniques.

Rodriguez said yes, a few al Qaeda big shots were waterboarded but they knew they weren't going to die and yes, some of them were denied sleep and a few of them were kept in very tight spaces. But how many times have we heard those activities described as torture? And President Obama agrees, he has banned them. Rodriguez says that's insane that you can't get vital information from some terrorists without some rough stuff. And then Rodriguez lowered the hammer on Mr. Obama.


JOSE RODRIGUEZ, FORMER CIA AGENT: We don't capture anybody anymore, Lesley. I mean, you know, their default option of this administration has... has been to kill all prisoners. Take no prisoners.


RODRIGUEZ: The drones. How can it be more ethical to kill people rather than capture them? I have never understood that one.


O'REILLY: So how do the anti-torture people answer Mr. Rodriguez? We're blowing the hell out of these people from space. No trial. No presumption of innocence. They're just dead and so is everybody around them. But the same President who orders that will not dunk people in water. That makes sense to anybody?

"Talking Points" believes the President well understands the difference between drones and waterboarding. His decision to ban coerced interrogation is simply a political one playing to his crew. It's tough to make a sanity argument on that one.

And that's "The Memo."

Pinheads & Patriots

President Obama got off this line at the White House Correspondents' Dinner.


BARACK OBAMA, PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: Even Sarah Palin is getting back into the game. Guest hosting on "The Today Show," which reminds me of an old thing. What's the distinction between a hockey mom and a pit bull?

A pit bull is delicious.


O'REILLY: I like it. Even though it's kind of gross. President, of course, being accused by some of eating dog meat in Indonesia as a child.

For a funny line, the president is a "Patriot" this evening.