Bill O'Reilly: It looks like Obamacare is already descending into chaos

By Bill O'Reilly

Devastating new jobs report out today says that if the same number of Americans were looking for work right now, as were looking for jobs in 2009, the unemployment rate would be about 11 percent.

There's no question that after trillions of taxpayer dollars have been poured into the private marketplace by the Obama administration, job growth remains awful. So why is that? The main culprit could be Obamacare which became a law in 2010 with the goal of providing health insurance to every American. The problem is that somebody has to pay for that, and business is the primary target.

In my case, for example, my corporate health insurance premiums for the corporations that I run have tripled since Obamacare was passed. So millions of small business owners like me and large corporations as well are not hiring as many people because healthcare expenses are rising so quickly. It's that simple. Hiring is stunted because of federal healthcare mandates. Are we all getting this?

Now some specifics, writing in "Time" magazine liberal guy Joe Klein scolding the Obama administration for not setting up promised health insurance exchanges for small businesses. In fact, 33 states can't meet Obamacare requirements in that area. The result? Chaos.

But here is something even worse. The Factor has learned that the Health and Human Services agency may order the states to hire hundreds of thousands of so-called Obamacare navigators at salaries that could average more than $60,000 a year. In California alone; 21,000 navigators are estimated to be needed. And what do these people do? Well, they simply advise other Americans about how to deal with the outrageously complicated Obamacare law.

According to the "Washington Post," some of these navigators are likely to come from unions as well as immigrant service and community service organizations. But here is the reality. Nobody will actually know what the navigators do because there is no objective way to measure advice. The navigators may be paid hourly with senior executives making up to $48 bucks an hour, at least that's the federal estimate.

But again, what do these people actually do? This has the potential to be an enormous ruse, another colossal waste of taxpayer money.

Nancy Pelosi can't explain Obamacare and some navigator in San Diego is going to figure it out? To say that Obamacare is off to a bad start is the understatement of the century.

And that's "The Memo."