Bill O'Reilly: Is there a Tea Party resurgence over immigration?

By Bill O'Reilly

House Majority Leader Eric Cantor lost big last night to a Tea Party candidate David Brat in Virginia. The race was not even close. Some analysts believe Mr. Cantor alienated Republican voters because of his stance on immigration. "Talking Points" does not believe that was the primary reason for Mr. Cantor's defeat.

Cantor served in the House for 13 years but has become very unpopular in his district. In fact, 49 percent of Republican voters disapproved of him before the primary yesterday.

It's hard to know why. But there is one interesting item that may be telling. Mr. Cantor's campaign spent almost $170,000 eating in steakhouses. Mr. Brat's campaign spent just over $200,000 on everything. That's all the money they had. So it seems that Mr. Cantor was living large and perhaps the voters in Virginia saw that.

In South Carolina, it was a different story. Senator Lindsey Graham beat his conservative opponents by a wide margin. Mr. Graham and Mr. Cantor's outlook on illegal immigration -- similar; so why would voters in Virginia punish Mr. Cantor but voters in South Carolina reward Mr. Graham. Both constituencies are conservative.

To me Eric Cantor lost because he is part of the establishment which is not in favor with most voters these days. Mr. Graham won because he has been a consistent critic of President Obama.

Now on to the immigration deal there will be no reform passed in Congress any time soon. The shocking results of thousands of children illegally crossing the southern border has pretty much put an end to comprehensive immigration reform. Everybody knows in order to assimilate illegal aliens already here you have to first secure the border. Because, if you do not, millions of folks will flood into the country looking for working papers. The Obama administration claims the border is secure. Now we know that is not true as children, children are flooding into the country creating a humanitarian crisis.

The American people should be furious that the border is still out of control 13 years after 9/11. There no excuse. None. Until the borders of the USA are secure. No pathway for citizenship for illegal aliens can be considered.

And a note to all you left-wing loons out there -- why do you think all these kids are coming to the USA now? Why? Because they know once they get here they can stay here. The situation is disgraceful.

And that's "The Memo."