Bill O'Reilly: Christianity and President Obama

By Bill O'Reilly

Today, Mr. Obama met with Pope Francis at the Vatican. And there are some good news and bad news for the President. First, the good news: he and the Pope agree on social justice.


OBAMA: I was grateful to have the opportunity to speak with him about the responsibilities that we all share to care for the least of these -- the poor, the excluded.


O'REILLY: Christian doctrine demands that the poor and oppressed be given relief by those who can do so. Therefore the President's social justice philosophy is in line with that of Pope Francis. The nuance here is how to provide social justice. The President believing you take from the affluent in business and you give without any strings to those in need.

Others like myself believe you set up safety nets to help the poor, but you do it without harming the general population. Also, you provide social justice by building a strong nation, which can then afford its citizens more opportunity. Fair and widespread opportunity equals social justice confiscating wealth does not.

I just don't know where Pope Francis stands on the politics of social justice. What I do know is that he's a compassionate man who is trying to uphold the teachings of Jesus. Now the bad news for Mr. Obama. The Vatican put forth that the President's policy of forcing Catholic nuns and other church agencies to provide birth control insurance including the morning after pill considered it an abortion device by the church is a violation of Christian doctrine and a violation of religious rights.

The Pope did not say that directly to the President, but his representatives did. Remember, the Pope is a consensus builder. But make no mistake. The Vatican believes President Obama is harming American Catholics and other Christians by forcing them to buy something that violates their religious beliefs.

In addition, Christian doctrine demands that life be respected. Therefore, abortion is considered a grave sin because Christians believe life begins at conception. That's very straightforward and stands opposed to President Obama's policies.

Finally the Pope is against America deporting illegal aliens, something President Obama has done. Therein lies an interesting conundrum for conservatives. The President has been very aggressive in deporting people who have come to America illegally which the right generally supports. Pope Francis does not like that policy, believing it disrupts families and harms the poor.

So there you have the meeting in Rome today. And that's "The Memo."