Arizona to fed gov't: Stop sending illegal immigrants here

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NEIL CAVUTO, HOST: And you wonder why Arizonans feel the government is out to get them. Stuff like this just keeps happening.

In case you didn't hear, reports now that Uncle Sam is dumping thousands of illegal immigrants on them, and the state just has to deal.

Maybe that is why Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne says the state just might have to sue.

Attorney General, good to have you.

What -- what's going on here?

TOM HORNE, ARIZONA ATTORNEY GENERAL: Well, the -- the -- the Border Patrol has caught a number of illegal aliens crossing the Texas border.

And instead of sending them back to their country of origin, they decided to send them to the state of Arizona. And so they flew them to Arizona, instead of -- they could have flown them to Guatemala or Mexico or whatever. They flew them to Arizona, and then they bussed them to the Greyhound bus station, and then they just jumped them there with a piece of paper saying, please show up in 15 days for processing, which presumably they won't be willing to do.

They have been -- they have been transported into the interior of the country, and they can just disappear into the woodwork.


CAVUTO: Well, how many people are we talking about here? I mean...

HORNE: In the hundreds -- it's in the hundreds, Neil.

And, you know, this is a job that is normally down by the coyotes.

CAVUTO: Right.

HORNE: The human smugglers are the ones that are supposed to bring the people from the border to the interior.

Now we have got the federal government doing it.

CAVUTO: So they dump them on you. Let's say, well, they get to these bus stations. It's pretty hot in your state this time of year.

HORNE: Over 100 degrees.


HORNE: Over 100 degrees.

CAVUTO: So, who is watching them when they get off the buses, or are they just wandering just free?

HORNE: They just let them out. They just let them out.

And so I have sent them a demand to cease and desist from transporting people from the -- from Texas to Arizona.


CAVUTO: And what have you -- what have you heard back?

HORNE: I haven't heard back yet. But I cited two federal statutes. One federal statute says that they're supposed to defend and guard the border, which means they could detain people. They could send them back, but there's authorization there to send them to -- to another state, or...

CAVUTO: But is Texas obligated to give you a heads-up? Did anyone in Texas say, hey, I don't know if you heard or not, or did they assume you did know because all these folks going from Texas to your state, moved up to your state, someone would have at least had to call, you would think.

HORNE: Well, this was done by the federal government. The state of Texas had nothing do with it. And they didn't call. They just -- they just dumped the people.

Somebody in -- the federal government is supposed to be sending them back to Mexico or Central America. Somebody in the federal government has a bizarre sense of humor and said, let's send them to the state of Arizona instead.

CAVUTO: All right, but, obviously, they knew that we're playing with fire doing this, because of all the other dust-ups they have had with you, that is, the federal government, with Arizona officials, yourself chiefly included, and the governor.

HORNE: Yes, I sued them...


CAVUTO: Why do you think they keep doing it?

HORNE: I don't know. I sued the Obama administration as much as probably anybody in the country. I try to sue them a couple times before breakfast every day.

And so there may be some bad feelings there. But whatever their motive, what they're doing is wrong. And I am demanding that they cease and desist. And we're aggressively researching what legal avenues are available to us in federal court if they continue to do this, which we consider to be illegal.

CAVUTO: And also not too humanitarian. This is pretty cruel, what they're doing.

HORNE: Well, yes, it's cruel to them.

And then there's a separate issue, which is unaccompanied minors who have been sent to a warehouse in Nogales. And however you feel about immigration, when you have kids in your custody, you have to treat them humanely. And I was supposed to go visit today with people from my child protection division.

They have postponed that and tell us they stick have to do more background checks. So, I hope that's not the runaround, and that I will be able to go down and be sure that the kids are treated humanly.

CAVUTO: Incredible. Sounds like another lawsuit in the making, Attorney General. But thank you very, very much.

HORNE: Yes. Well, thank you.

CAVUTO: Wow. All right.

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