All-Star panel take quick spin in Candidate Casino

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UNIDENTIFIED MALE: She wouldn't acknowledge you at a press conference if she had one. She e-mails on her own server because it's convenient. As a Clinton, foreign governments donate to her. She is the least transparent person in the world. She e-mails often, and when she does, the public can't see it. Stay secretive, my friends.


BRET BAIER, ANCHOR: Well, the RNC out with an ad already about Hillary Clinton. This as the investigation into those e-mails and the e-mail server, there is now a call by the Benghazi Select Committee for her to turn over that e-mail server. If she doesn't, they may go to the full House. We're back with the panel. And this we will enter now the Democratic campaign Candidate Casino. It's always interesting to have the Casino every Friday night. What about the Democrats and how Hillary this week, does it change anything?

STEVE HAYES, SENIOR WRITER, THE WEEKLY STANDARD: Well, I was already pretty low on Hillary Clinton. I think some people thought I was insanely low on Hillary Clinton. So I have still split my money $50 on Hillary Clinton, $50 on the field. She's had a bad week. She's had a bad couple of weeks. I think that's because she is not a very strong candidate and we are likely to see these questions persist.

There was a Wall Street Journal article this morning that really got into some of the details about the foundation giving, when the gift came, you know, things that the Clinton Foundation wasn't eager to share. I think you have those, that kind of analysis, and then tie that to it her e-mails, what we don't know about her e-mails, it ensures that these questions continue.

BAIER: You know, viewers keep on putting in their own. So on the Democratic side we have E. Kelly 316 with the Dems pick. He has $40 on Al Gore. He has $40 on Hillary Clinton, $10 on Elizabeth Warren, and $10 on the field. There is E. Kelly. And then Mr. Due Master, is he going heavy field, $75 bucks, $25 bucks on Clinton. What about you, Juan?

JUAN WILLIAMS, SENIOR EDITOR, THE HILL: Well, I must say, I don't think it's true, but Al Gore has gotten a lot of attention this week, huge play in the New York Times talk about his energy campaign as an alternative to Hillary Clinton. But for me, Hillary Clinton, when I look at the numbers, especially among Democrats, remains the titan. So I go $80 bucks on Hillary Clinton. And if I have to look elsewhere, I look at O'Malley, Martin O'Malley, former governor of Maryland, now becoming more critical of Hillary, so I think he is in the game. And of course Joe Biden is standing there it and there is more consideration for him as if people are looking for alternative. I don't see it among Democrats at the moment.

BAIER: Can you do quick Dems? I want to go to the Republicans.

CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER, SYNDICATED COLUMNIST: All I say is that Elvis has a better chance than Al Gore. We go $95 on Hillary because it's a slam dunk. It would take an act of god to stop her, and he appears otherwise occupied, and a bit on Warren.

BAIER: OK, now let's go to the other side of the casino, the Republican Candidate Casino much different because there are so many people involved. Charles?

KRAUTHAMMER: I'm saying with a lot of my money on Rubio. Foreign affairs are becoming increasingly important, dominating the news, $40 remains on him. Bush $30, Walker $25, and I have now put in my remainder, the $5 bucks in the 401(k). I had a birthday last week. I'm giving up on wine, women, and song. I'm becoming mature.

BAIER: That's good. Juan?

WILLIAMS: Well, I like wine, women and song, and I like Jeb Bush. I think $50 bucks on Bush is where this stands. Again, he is just winning the early primary in terms of money and infrastructure and campaign staff. All people are going to work for him. I would say Walker is there. He is the hot ticket at the moment in terms of populism. And then I go on to Rubio, Paul. The one ad quick is Fiorina. I think she is in the game for the first time.

BAIER: All right.

HAYES: Mine very quickly, Rubio $35, Walker $30, Jeb $20, Cruz $10, and five dollars on the field. The only changes are a slight nudge. I nudged an extra chip to $5 chip to Rubio, $5 chip to Jeb Bush. I think Rubio's stock is rising because of what Charles said. The issue set is in his wheelhouse. He gave a terrific speech about Israel yesterday that got a lot of attention.

BAIER: Cruz and Rand Paul get a lot more chips online than you guys give them. But we'll see. That's it for the panel, but stay tuned as we remember the oldest female veteran.

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