Worst product launches in pictures

Even giants have to fail at things sometime. Take a look back with us at some of the spectacular releases that suffered from failure to launch.

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    New Coke

    In an attempt to appeal to a flattening carbonated beverage market, Coca-Cola changed its iconic original formula and released “new Coke” to the masses in 1985. Disgruntled fans tooks to the streets and within a few months, the original formula returned to shelves alongside its newer incarnation (REUTERS/Lucy Nicholson).
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    Apple Lisa

    Named for founder Steve Jobs’ daughter, the computer was introduced in 1983 and retailed for around $10,000. Apple sold about 10,000 units of the computer and discontinued it in 1985 (Blake Sell / Reuters).
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    Dubbed the “car of the future,” the Edsel failed miserably to live up to its hype. The automobile, which was named in honor of founder Henry Ford’s son, cost the company an estimated $350 million and was only produced for two years (Photographs in the Carol M. Highsmith Archive, Library of Congress, Prints and Photographs Division).
    Carol M. Highsmith Photography, Inc.
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    HP TouchPad

    Released in 2011 as the company’s response to Apple’s iPad, HP spent an estimated $15 billion on marketing for the product. Even big time celebrity deals failed to resonate with consumers and deep discounting of the product ensued (REUTERS/Beck Diefenbach).
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