Will the new Blackberry phones look like this?

If the latest "leaked" photos of the Blackberry look too good to be true, it's because they are. This series of images were created by Dutch designer Martin Hajek. But they offer a tantalizing suggestion of what RIM's next-gen smartphones could look like.

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    Is this the new Blackberry X10?
    Martin Hajek
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    These renderings show the N-series Blackberry smartphone with a physical keyboard.
    Martin Hajek
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    The renderings are based on an apparent leak of the N-series prototype in December.
    Martin Hajek
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    Hajek's renderings of the iPhone 5 last year were so realistic, they were mistaken for the real deal, fooled by the phony knock-offs of a 36-year-old industrial designer. Its been amazing and a lot of fun to see how many 'knowledgable' people fell for them, Dutch designer Martin Hajek, who made the series of images seen here, told FoxNews.com.
    Martin Hajek
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    As a (former) industrial designer I like to play around with 3D modelling and visualizing, Hajek told FoxNews.com.
    Martin Hajek
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    Hajek works as an engineer for a large Japanese consumer electronics company he declined to name. But he cut his teeth at GRO design, a small design consultancy in the Netherlands, and still lives in Utrecht, dead-center in the Netherlands. One of my previous employers at GRO design attended the same college in the UK at the same time as Jonathan Ive did, he noted.
    Martin Hajek
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    The new BlackBerry 10 (BB10) handsets and software could lead to the firm's "resurrection," one expert says, after it saw its popularity wane in favor of phones like Apple's iPhone and Samsung's Galaxy S3.
    Martin Hajek
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    Ernest Doku, technology expert with uSwitch.com, said: "For RIM and BlackBerry, it is very much the resurrection of the BlackBerry brand."Consumers have been waiting a long time to see what they were coming up with. They have fallen to the wayside but a lot of signs are pointing to this being their return to relevance in the smartphone market."
    Martin Hajek
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    The Blackberry L-series (no keyboard) versus the iPhone 5.
    Martin Hajek
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    BlackBerry was the market leader in 2007, but the launch of the iPhone and Android smartphones has reduced its market share to around 5 percent.
    Martin Hajek
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