Up close with Google Glass

Google Glass, the high-tech wearable computer from the Internet giant, has the world in awe. Here's a close-up look at the glassless eyeglasses that many are calling the future of computing.

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    With a snap-in sunglass module, Google Glass attracts exactly zero attention from passers-by on the street. Google also includes a clear protective visor in the kit that comes with the "Explorer Program," ideal for sporting events.  
    FoxNews.com / Jeremy A. Kaplan
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    A plastic hump that sits behind your ear contains a speaker that transmits audio from videos and Google searches directly into your head, thanks to a bone-conductive speaker.
    FoxNews.com / Jeremy A. Kaplan
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    Though far more discreet than wearable tech of the past, Google Glass is still hard to casually brush off. "Oh this? It's nothing." 
    FoxNews.com / Perry Chiaramonte
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    A tiny screen is projected on this block of plastic. Tap the black plastic touchpad that forms the temple and the display will turn on, displaying the current time and the words “Ok glass.” Say these magic words aloud and you'll see a menu of Glass voice actions.
    FoxNews.com / Jeremy A. Kaplan
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    When the Glass display is off, the block of plastic is perfectly clear. Despite the hunk of tech hanging above your eye, you'll eventually find it fading into the background of your peripheral vision. Eventually.
    FoxNews.com / Jeremy A. Kaplan
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    When on, however, the tiny display is clearly visible to anyone looking at the wearer, making it less likely that someone will surreptitiously record someone else. 
    FoxNews.com / Jeremy A. Kaplan
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    When the sunglass module is worn, the Glass mechanism simply fades away into the glasses themselves -- as long as you're wearing the darkest color. Glass also comes in an array of brighter hues, such as orange, which is less likely to go unnoticed.
    FoxNews.com / Jeremy A. Kaplan
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    Another view of the Glass display, as seen from the outside.
    FoxNews.com / Jeremy A. Kaplan
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    The Google.com/glass microsite from the web giant offers specs and images of the forthcoming Google Gass product, such as this one.
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    Google glasses 02

    A model sports an early version of Google's wearable computer in this 2012 photo.
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    Google glasses 01

    A model sports an early version of Google's wearable computer in this 2012 photo.
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    Google glasses 04

    A model sports an early version of Google's wearable computer in this 2012 photo.
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    Google co-founder Sergey Brin demonstrating Google's new Glass -- wearable internet glasses -- at the Google I/O conference in San Francisco in 2012.
    AP Photo/Paul Sakuma
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