Sneaky dog goes viral after it drinks owners' beer (and double-checks to see if the coast is clear)

This is the moment a sneaky pooch was caught helping itself to its clueless owner's pint — even double-checking the coast was clear before taking a swig.

The devious dog's cheeky pint was caught on camera by Jake Pulford, 26, who couldn't keep in the giggles as he watched the canine's antics from a bus.

Jake claims the wily pet even dared to take several swigs, but made sure to check it wasn't going to get caught out beforehand.


The dog, which is thought to be a Shiba Inu, had been left alone tied to a table in the beer garden of the Errigle Inn in Belfast.

The crafty hound made Jake's day — and he claims it gained the attention of several passengers on the bus.

He expected the dog to regret its actions after taking the first lick, but claims the mutt seemed to enjoy the beer and kept going back for more.

Jake, from Belfast, said: "I just heard people laughing and looked out [the window] and saw the dog without its owner.

"It had a lead attached to the table it was at so clearly its owner had just walked into the pub and left it alone for a little bit and that's when it made its chance.

"It went in more than once — he was doing it a few times so he seemed to enjoy it.

(Credit: Jake Pulford Via Kennedy News & Media)

(Credit: Jake Pulford Via Kennedy News & Media)

"I was laughing at the dog and I was trying to get the before and after pictures so I was just being very careful and zooming in.

"There were a lot of other people on the bus laughing at the dog too," he said.

When he shared his photos in his group chat with friends, Jake's pal found it hilarious and convinced him to let her post it online.

The two pictures were shared with the comment: "Spotted checking the coast is clear at a Belfast pub."

The post was liked, shared and commented more than 23,000 times.

Jake has not managed to track down the owner, but claims he would tell him about his mischievous mutt.

Jake, who is a software developer, said: "If I saw the owner and had the chance then I'd probably tell him [what happened].

"I haven't seen the dog since. I've been down that route once since then and I was looking at the pub again but unfortunately there was so sign of it — but I will keep an eye out."

This story originally appeared in The Sun.