Sneak peek at 2014’s best smartphones

Smartphones are going bigger, better, more powerful and bendier this year, but what should you be slipping into your pocket? We wade through the best handsets heading our way in 2014. - James Billington for


    LG G Flex

    This phone bends. Really. Well, a gentle flex at least. This 6-inch phone with a curved profile is intended to hug the face as you make a call and also has a self-healing casing that will deal with scratches when exposed to sunlight. It doesn't come with a Full HD display but the screen rocks OLED technology that produces sumptuous colour.It's been available in its home of Korea for the past couple of months and it's now beginning a rollout elsewhere.

    Nokia Lumia 1820

    If you're an avid fan of Windows Phone mobiles then look no further than Nokia's Lumia range. These wonderfully-designed handsets are real contenders - particularly hardware-wise.The 1820 is rumored to be replacing the current 1020 flagship and could be all about the camera by offering Lytro technology that lets users change the focus of shots after they've been taken. Chances of seeing an announcement in February could be slim, but not impossible.

    iPhone 6

    Ah, yes. How could we forget. The competition for best smartphone has never been closer and we feel Apple could be gearing up for a complete redesign of the iPhone. We expect big things. Literally.The iPhone 6 is heavily speculated to sport a larger screen, perhaps in the 4.5 to 5-inch range, as well as a jump up in resolution with a Retina+ display. It is expected to be slim down on the outside, be built from tougher materials such as liquid metal and sapphire glass. Inside, it could ramp up the power by using the same A7 processor as the iPad Air. It camera could be revised with some new technology to help bridge the gap from mobile snapper to more professional use.An iOS update could be expected with the release but as to what it will be flaunting is yet unknown.The iPhone 6 release date (if going by a year after the iPhone 5S launch) might be September, but there have been whispered gossip that we might see a May announcement. Rumors, rumors everywhere but not a drop of evidence to officially confirm it.

    HTC One 2014 (M8)

    HTC stole hearts with the gorgeous metal-clad construction of its current flagship, One. The update to this handset is likely to be seen in February and will beef up with a 2.3Ghz processor, the latest Android operating system (KitKat) and building upon a winning design. We hope the current 4-megapixel rear camera gets an update too.

    Samsung Galaxy S5

    By far one of the most anticipated handsets this year. Rumors have been going into overdrive with reports of a larger 5.2-inch model with a wraparound display packing a higher resolution, a more premium finish and the processing power seen in Galaxy Note 3. There have been hints we'll see it in February at the Mobile World Congress event with availability possibly in March or April.

    Sony Xperia Z1 Compact

    Bucking the trend to go bigger, this takes all the power from the 5-inch flagship handset and squashes it all into a 4.3-inch footprint. Except from the display resolution dropping from 1080p to 720p, cramming all the same spec including its waterproof ability in a smaller phone is great triumph. Release date has been confirmed for February.
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