Rise of the machines

The future has arrived. From robot bartenders to galloping machines, the technological revolution is upon us.

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    Karfe Lady

    Japan's Nippon Engineering College's humanoid robot "Karfe Lady" and a man play a game of "rock-paper-scissors" during a robot sports event in Tokyo's Akihabara electronic district.
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    Legged Squad Support System

    An unidentified LS3 team member shoves an LS3 (Legged Squad Support System) robot that was galloping off course, back on track during a high-speed demonstration in Florida. The device is designed to accompany soldiers and Marines any place they go on foot, helping to carry their gear.
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    Pingpong-playing robot "Topio" is displayed during the International Robot Exhibition 2009 in Tokyo. The bipedal humanoid robot is designed to play table tennis against a human being.
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    Humanoid communication robot Kirobo talks to Fuminori Kataoka, project general manager in the Product Planning Group of Toyota Motor Corp, during its unveiling in Tokyo.
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    Humanoid robot bartender "Carl" fills a cocktail glass with spirits to prepare a drink for a guest at the Robots Bar and Lounge in the eastern German town of Ilmenau. "Carl", developed and built by mechatronics engineer Ben Schaefer who runs a company for humanoid robots, prepares spirits for the mixing of cocktails and is able to interact with customers in small conversations.
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    Robot chick

    A baby chick (R) looks at Japanese toy maker Sega Toy's robot chick "Yume Hiyoko" (Dream Chick) at a chicken farm in Ome, outskirts of Tokyo. The electronic robot chick which cheeps and move its wings at the touch of human hands is not only a toy for children but also a healing gadget for adults, the company said.
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    Musical robots

    Actor Branch Worsham during a rehearsal of the musical "Robots" at the Barnabe Theatre in Servion, near Lausanne, April 22, 2009. The musical tells the story of a man in self-imposed exile who lives with three robots (a butler, a pet and a dancer) and who is facing a visit from a woman who represents his last link with the outside world. The three automatons were developed by a spin-off from the EPFL called BlueBotics and are able to act autonomously and interact with the two actors and the set.
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    Robot Restaurant

    A customer (R) is seated on a 3.6 metre-high custom-made female robot at the newly opened "Robot Restaurant" in Kabukicho, one of Tokyo's best known red light districts. It's show time at the "Robot Restaurant" a new and high-tech take on the city's decades-old cabaret scene that puts a friendly, if unusual, face on the robot technology in which Japan is a world leader.
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    A man takes a picture of a giant "Kuratas" robot at an exhibition in Tokyo. The four-meter-high, limited edition, made-to-order robot is controlled through a pilot in its cockpit, or via a smartphone. The four-ton "Kuratas" can be customized in 16 different colors, and is armed with a futuristic weapons system, including a multi-rocket launcher that fires plastic rockets filled with compressed water.
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    Honda's second version of the humanoid robot Asimo climbs a flight of stairs in Barcelona during its first appearance in Europe.
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    A flying sushi service tray known as the "itray", created using miniature remote-controlled helicopter rotor blades, is demonstrated by staff at a "Yo! Sushi" restaurant in London.
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    Robot T-34

    A mock intruder, tangled in a net that was launched by the remote-controlled security robot T-34, lies on the floor while posing beside the robot during a photo opportunity in Tokyo. T-34 users can see live images from the robot's camera and control the robot using a mobile phone. The robot, which has sensors that react to body heat and sound, can launch a net against an intruder by remote-control during its surveillance.
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    Humanoid robot of British company RoboThespian "blushes" during the opening ceremony of the Hanover technology fair.
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    Asimo humanoid

    Honda Motor Co's Asimo humanoid robot opens the top of a bottle to pour the drink into a cup during a news conference at the 42nd Tokyo Motor Show in Tokyo.
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