Ridiculous Holiday Gifts: 15 Solid-Gold Gadgets

What do people do when they find something they like? They encrust it in gold, of course. So why not buy your favorite tech gadgets this holiday -- dipped in real gold?

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    15 Solid-Gold Gadgets: iPad

    iPad fit for a king Made in England, this custom plated iPad is a bit on the pricey side: $24,000 dollars. But it’ll turn a few heads.
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    15 Solid-Gold Gadgets: brickphone

    Brick Phone No list is complete without a solid gold brick phone. Fair warning: Good luck finding a signal with one of these—about as useful now as a rotary phone.
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    15 Solid-Gold Gadgets: 3gs

    iPhone Diamond Edition Of course, all gold is a little tacky. For those who like to mix their precious metals with precious gemstones, this 3GS should fit the bill.
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    15 Solid-Gold Gadgets: xbox

    GoldBox If you play a lot of Xbox — and there are a lot of you — and happen to have a rich uncle, maybe you can talk him into buying you one of these.
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    15 Solid-Gold Gadgets: wii

    Golden Wii This is an actual photo of what Princess Zelda games on. True story.
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    15 Solid-Gold Gadgets: slr 2

    Sparkling SLR Analog SLRs were last seen in the early 2000s. But this retro Canon SLR can still turn heads. 
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    15 Solid-Gold Gadgets: shuffle

    The perfect running accessory Jogging with an iPod is a must. If you happen to jog down Rodeo Drive, it wouldn’t hurt to use this Shuffle.
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    15 Solid-Gold Gadgets: macbook

    The Gold MacBook If you're wealthy and you love portable Apple computers, have I got the gadget for you. Just prepare to break out your wallet. 
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    15 Solid-Gold Gadgets: keyboard

    The wealthy QWERTY Keyboards aren’t going anywhere. This 24K click pad from Asia is living proof.
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    15 Solid-Gold Gadgets: ipod

    Luxury iPod iPhones are slowly killing full-size iPods. But this signed one by Usain Bolt is alive and well.
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    15 Solid-Gold Gadgets: iphone4

    iPhone 4: Gold Edition The lame thing about iPhones is that a lot of people are buying them. Now you can stand out while blinding oncoming traffic as you text and drive.
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    15 Solid-Gold Gadgets: copymachine

    Wall Street Copy Machine This all-purpose photocopier is a must for any irresponsible, rich, or otherwise investment bank on the receiving end of corporate welfare.
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    15 Solid-Gold Gadgets: controller

    Controller/Headphone Combo If you really want to make an impression the next time you play craps, make sure you wear one of these.
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    15 Solid-Gold Gadgets: gold headphones

    Headphones of the rich and violent If there’s a better way to celebrate both wealth and violence while listening to music, I wouldn’t know.
  • https://a57.foxnews.com/static.foxnews.com/foxnews.com/content/uploads/2018/09/918/516/gold-kindle.jpg?ve=1&tl=1

    15 Solid-Gold Gadgets: gold kindle

    Rich Man’s Kindle The bad thing about books — for the rich anyway’s — is they are accessible to all. Not this.
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