Is Apple better?

Since the company's epic comeback from the brink of collapse, Apple has been certified cool and was, for a time, the world's most valuable company. But as the biggest tech company around, are Apple products still better?





    All-in-one computers
    Stiff competition from Dell (top) and newcomers like Vizio means Apple (bottom) is merely tied for top dog when it comes to all-in-one desktops.


    If there's one category where Apple still dominates its the laptop. Both the MacBook Pro Retina (top) and the MacBook Air are best in class.


    MP3 players
    Apple also still makes the best MP3 player in the iPod Nano -- even if it's less relevant with the advent of the smartphone.


    Internet TVs
    Gadgets that bring web video to your TV is another area where Apple competes but doesn't necessarily shine -- yet. Apple TV (left) is a great choice if you're committed to the Apple ecosystem, but Boxee (middle) and Roku (right) are also solid options.


    The iPad (top) is still the best tablet around. But Amazon (middle), Microsoft (bottom) and Samsung (not pictured) are all catching up.


    Mini tablets
    Google and Amazon may have forced Apple's hands with the Nexus 7 (middle) and Kindle Fire (bottom) tablets. Following brisk sales of these smaller tablets that sell for around $200, Apple finally responded with the iPad mini (top). The only problem? It starts at $329. And Samsung isn't far behind, releasing a new 8-inch Note (not pictured) in February.


    The iPhone (left) is no longer the dominant smartphone it once was. Samsung (right), HTC, LG and others are all building excellent alternatives. Even BlackBerry (middle), the smartphone incumbent that Apple replaced, is making a comeback with the well received Z10.


    Smart gadgets
    Apple is rumored to be working on a curved screen smartwatch, but there's nothing official yet. Other companies are already making moves, however. The Pebble Watch (top) has started delivering to Kickstarter supporters after raising $10 million, and Google is on track to deliver Project Glass (bottom) by year end to consumers. Samsung is also working on a watch concept.
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