In pictures, Ghana's e-waste disaster

Over the course of four days, 26-year-old German photographer Kevin McElvaney met hundreds of young boys and girls, most from the northern part of Ghana, who came south to burn cables and extract the copper from them. It can be sold on the market for pennies, and other electronics burned to extract bits of precious metals -- at a terrible cost to the human body. Read more


    At the playground

    Agbogbloshie is a playground for Kwabena Labobe, 10. His parents are not able to send him to school and forbid him to burn e-waste. (Kevin McElvaney)

    A river runs through it

    The Odaw river separates Agbogbloshie from Galaway, where people live, trade and work. (Kevin McElvaney)

    Fruit sellers from the market

    Women from a nearby market sell fruit to the boys and scrap dealers. (Kevin McElvaney)

    Old computers heading to market

    Computers that look like they are in good shape are sold untested to customers in Accra and elsewhere. (Kevin McElvaney)

    Catch a fire

    As commonly done in Agbogbloshie, Adam Nasara, 25, uses Styropor from refrigerators to light a fire. (Kevin McElvaney)

    Building bridges

    Old monitors are used to build bridges. See all of Kevin McElvaney's photos here
    Kevin McElvaney
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