High-tech hunting gear

The deer don't stand a chance. These latest advancements in hunting technology will help you find your way to the perfect deep cover spot, record motion-capture snapshots, and even stay hidden in the brush. Fair? Not really -- this tech just makes hunting more productive. By John Brandon.

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    Moultrie Panoramic 150, $250

    The Panoramic 150 comes complete with 3 infrared motion sensors, covering a 150 degree area. How does that compare to your scouting camera? This nifty device has five modes: 150 degree panoramic camera, infrared triggered game camera, time-lapse plot camera, plot camera by day/motion detect camera at night, and 720p HD video day and night.
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    750 Series Smart Rifles, $9,950

    In the action-thriller "The Bourne Legacy," Pentagon black ops assasin Aaron Cross takes down an airborne CIA drone with a rifle from more than a mile away. With TrackingPoint's tech, anyone can perform such a trick. Click here to find out more.
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    Scout 1000 Patriot Edition Laser Rangefinder, $300

    From 1,000 feet just a few feet away, this rangefinder will help you plan the perfect shot. A range compensation feature reports the true distance for a shot by taking into account any uphill or downhill terrain. The rangefinder even has a rain repellent so water beads up instead of coating the lens. Accuracy is within just one yard, plus or minus.
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    Swann OutbackCam, $150

    This rugged outdoor camera, which you attach to a tree or deer stand with an included strap, can capture both video and photos. The recording is triggered by motion, but you can also set a schedule to record at set times of the day, such as early morning. A night vision mode captures moving objects up to about 32-feet away. Comes with a 2GB flash memory card.
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    Garmin Astro 320, $500

    Newly updated for this hunting season, the Astro 320 is a GPS tracker for your dog. The transmitter collar communicates with a handheld GPS. You can tell when your dog is running, sitting, treeing a bird, or pointing by checking a small LCD screen. The Astro system works with up to ten dogs from about nine miles, depending on terrain. One new feature: You can now load the handheld with better topographical info and a bird’s eye view for better tracking.
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    Contour Dogcam Vest, $200

    Contour HD video cameras can go just about anywhere -- even with your hunting dog. The idea is that you can attach the Contour camera (they cost $200) and set to record in up to 1080p video, then send your dog out on a run. When he gets back, you can watch the 170-degree wide angle video recording and fast forward through the activity. The camera is waterproof and rugged, and the vest fits comfortably behind the neck to allow the best video recording.
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    FLIR Scout TS24 Pro, $4,000

    Many hunters prefer to track prey at night or in the early morning hours before daybreak. The FLIR Scout TS24 Pro is a thermal night vision camera that can record from 350 yards away, capturing images or video directly to a 2GB flash memory card. The handheld recorder has a large strap for a better grip in pitch black. There’s also a 2X digital zoom.
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    ETON Raptor, $100

    This all-purpose gadget has one main purpose: keeping your cell phone charged over USB. Solar panels draw a charge from the sun and store the energy for later power-ups. There’s also a built-in weather radio, an LED flashlight, a digital clock with an alarm, and a compass. For rugged outdoor use during a hunt, the Raptor is made of a thick plastic material and is water resistant. There’s even a bottle opener for cracking open a cold one after a hunt.
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    Polaris Sportsman XP 850 HO EPS Browning LE, $11,000

    This 77-horsepower mud-slinging monster has a side carrying case for your rifle, large racks front and aft for gear, and a front winch for pulling logs out of the way. Polaris has outfitted the updated 2012 model of this popular 4x4 ATV, which is decked out in a camo treatment and branded by the Browning hunting supply store, with an 850cc engine with twin intake runners -- they help push more air into the engine and increase performance.
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    Ram Outdoorsman, $28,025

    This Ram truck is meant specifically for hunting -- there’s a minimal amount of chrome siding to reduce glare that can scare animals away, the tires and 4x4 features are designed for pushing through deep mud, and there’s a side box specifically for storing rifles and other hunting gear. Tow hooks are available for pulling logs and debris out of the way or retrieving a stuck ATV, and the Outdoorsman can tow a large duck boat, dual-ATVs on a trailer, or a full camper.
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